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iTunes 11 New Gift Card Redeemer using your Webcam

December 3rd, 2012

It may seem like old technology when you have to activate your iTunes vouchers; scratching off the silver panel with a 2 pence piece and then entering the code into the computer or on your phone… Well iTunes 11 (which was an update long overdue) now allows you to show the code from your voucher up to the webcam to enter it – who wants to type codes anymore!

Though for many this may seem like a really small addition to iTunes (it is simply just replacing you typing the code into the text box), but it is a great leap forwards in technology and for Apple themselves to continue to keep the user experience at the top of their priority list.

Of course, the technology behind detecting, recognising and entering the 16 character code into the computer is very complex and something that developers for Apple say they have worked on for a long time, with complex algorithms to allow the computer to change the visual image into a code that gets entered into the correct box on the page.

Many may not think this is impressive but I have to say try it and see what you think then…

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iTunes 11 is Released

November 29th, 2012

After much anticipation and even waiting an extra month for the release, iTunes 11 has finally been released for users and it can either be updated or installed as a new program from Apple. iTunes 11 is said to be completely redesigned from the ground up and features many new additions that users have been asking for.

Included in the list of new features are:

  • Edge to Edge design (no sidebars), making the iTunes Store and pages appear much like the iOS applications
  • Integration with iCloud for better data¬†synchronisation¬†across devices
  • Play movies or music directly from the iCloud while online, or download a copy to play offline or sync to a device
  • “Up Next” display showing the next song to be played
  • New redesigned Mini-Player which includes album artwork, up next and allows you to search for something new
  • Playback syncing, which remembers your place in movie or tv show and starts from that point when you resume playback, even on a different device

What do you think of the new iTunes? Are you pleased with the updates? Any bugs with the new features?

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Apple Delay iTunes Launch into November

October 31st, 2012

Well it is hardly surprising that iTunes 11 will now not launch in October as Apple had previously announced, as today is the last day and there is still no official news from Apple HQ.

AllThingsD have reported that the launch has been pushed back in Apple’s eagerness to “get it right”, clearly rather than have the terrible reviews that they received from launching the native maps application too early! I think that will act as a huge learning curve for Apple (if the company does need to learn anything at all), and all future releases will be thoroughly tested and vetted before a worldwide launch!

The delay in launching iTunes 11 may also be down to Scott Forstall leaving the company, or Scott Forstall leaving the company may be down to the delay in iTunes 11. Either way, Eddy Cue who is now heading up the role at Apple will have a very busy first few weeks in the job!

iTunes 11 is said to be a complete redesign and rebuild of the interface with many new and improved features including a better layout, more integration with iCloud services, a better mini player, full screen support and faster and better overall performance.

Don’t make us wait too long for the launch Apple…

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