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What to Expect from Apple’s Media Event Today

October 23rd, 2012

Today Apple are holding the media event where we are expecting them to show us “a little more”, as they announced last week… but what exactly are we expecting to see tonight?

The main talk is how Apple will be announcing a new smaller tablet, sized at 7.85 inches, which is said to be called the iPad Mini or iPad Air (iPad Mini being the favoured name among Internet sites). The new smaller tablet is said to be competing with the other smaller sized tablets that have hit the market recently including the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, and the iPad Mini is said to have a smaller price point to be able to compete with these smaller tablets. Of course, whether Apple will say they are entering the tablet market to compete with the smaller, lower priced tablets is different.

The announcement is also said to be centred around education, with the release of iBooks 2 and the more interactive side of textbooks available on each tablet Apple are now creating a smaller, more affordable tablet for students and colleges alike to be able to take advantage of this technology.

Some sites ar expecting to see a 13inch Retina MacBook launched today, to continue the “little more” theme, though this is less likely.

Also expected is the debut of the completely new iTunes 11, which is said to be completely redesigned.

The event will take place at 5pm BST, 10am EST.


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