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The Stats from WWDC 2012

June 13th, 2012

As always the Apple WWDC kicked off with a roll of facts and figures about Apple and their current success in the marketplace. We have all come to expect this from Tim Cook and from Steve Jobs before him, but the numbers are too astonishing not to share with you!

-Apple has paid $5 billion to their developers for app store sales

-The App Store now has over 650,000 apps available, of which 225,000 are specific to the iPad

-One click purchasing is now active on over 400 million iTunes accounts

-The App Store has reached over 30 billion app downloads

-365 million iOS devices have been sold, of which 80% are running the latest iOS 5.

-Over 1 billion iMessages are sent a day by its 140 million users

There is obviously no comparison between these numbers and the latest numbers for Andriod and the latest release of Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

I’m sure Apple will amaze us with facts and figures for their next keynote speech, but in the mean time we’ll enjoy thinking where these numbers can rise to!

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The iPad is Making Customers Switch to Apple

April 28th, 2012

Off the back of reports that “the iPad” is potentially going to become an accepted term for a general “tablet computer”, it turns out this particular tablet computer is making customers turn to the Apple brand.

One in four iPad purchases in the USA are the first introduction to an Apple product in that household. Though one in five households in the USA already own an Apple product, of the remaining percentage, the New Apple iPad is making them turn to Apple. In a country where the mac computer is accepted just as much or more than the traditional microsoft windows based platform, for the iPad to be the chosen product for customers to venture into Apple products is a great leap forwards.

Everything is on the rise for the unstoppable Cupertino company, as Apple stocks and value soars in the stock market and the company just keep going from strength to strength. The main products for the company at the moment are clearly the iPad and the iPhone. Following on from other recent reports, it proves that once people have bought into Apple products and the Apple brand it just keeps on going!

Are Apple unstoppable? I hope so.

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Dutch Court Rules Against Apple in Design Related Case

January 27th, 2012

Earlier this week the Dutch Court involved in one of the battles between Apple and Samsung has ruled in favour of Samsung, leaving Apple disappointed not to get a sales ban of the Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands.

The report released by FOSS Patents details the on goings in the court, revealing that the judge has agreed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t infringe any design rights on the device and is different enough from the iPad for the two tablets to go on sale alongside each other, with the Galaxy Tab proving no threat to Apple.

Here the judge has got it right. The Galaxy Tab simply doesn’t compete with the iPad. Tim Cook CEO of Apple isn’t worried about the “limited function” tablets affecting iPad sales and simply states that they haven’t affect sales, and after Apple’s most recent quarterly earnings report it is easy to see they have had no affect at all.

The FOSS Patents reporter quite rightly points out that a line needs to be drawn to clarify where Apple’s protection ends and where the freedom to compete with each other begins, not just for the sake of Apple and Samsung, but for all the other tablet and smart phone manufacturers. Even if this line is drawn though, I can’t see a future for Apple or Samsung where they are not arguing over patents and intellectual property rights.

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When will we see the iPad 3?

October 3rd, 2011

when will the ipad 3 be releasedUpon the eve of the new iPhone announcement from Apple, thoughts turn to when we will see the iPad 3. Earlier this year rumours were hotting up for the iPad 3 with components and parts appearing to have surfaced in the supply chain. The rumours are circulating again now, especially since the announcement of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

iPad “refresh time” as it is becoming known is in April, but will such competition as Amazon force Apple into making an early announcement. Apple are not one to follow suit and never appear “phased” by the competition, however with their recent 25% cut in orders for iPad 2 devices are they finally succuming to the ever worsening global crisis?

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School in America hands out 1,800 iPads to Students

September 22nd, 2011

ipad in schoolsThe next school to follow the iPad era is Zeeland Public School in Michigan, who have reportedly just spent $1.3 million on iPads for every student between the 3rd and 12th grade.

The iPads are for the students and teachers to interact better with the curriculum. The lessons are recorded on the iPad and are therefore available to students who have missed classes. Homework can be submitted via the iPads paperlessly, so no “my dog ate the homework” excuses! Students can also use educational apps selected by the school to aid with studies.

Health benefits have also been talked about in using the iPad in preference to carrying around text books, with the sheer weight of all the books needing to be carried around normally being replaced with the lightweight device.

There are plenty of people who disagree to their money being spent on iPads for students, however the reports we have seen across the globe so far are all positive, hopefully this will spread further.

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Apple Stocks Recover since Steve Jobs Stepped Down

September 20th, 2011

Apple stocks returning back to highsI think all investors in Apple were on tender-hooks the day Steve Jobs announced his resignation. But now it looks like the stocks are recovering and coming back to their all-time peak.

Investors know that Steve Jobs hasn’t been at the operating helm of the company for a while and since his medical leave of absence in 2009, Tim Cook has already been the interim CEO for the tech-giant. Steve has always been an integral part of the product launches and it is evident his fingerprints are on every Apple product launched, and even since his resignation I don’t expect this to change too much.

It is nice to see the stocks returning to their peak (or near peak), which reflects the investors and the market’s confidence in Tim Cook as CEO of the company.

Surely with the impending launch of iPhone 5 stocks are only going to go one way now?

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Leaked Documents announce iPhone 5 release in October for US

September 5th, 2011

After an Apple employee “lost” an iPhone prototype in a bar in California last week it was clear to everyone that an announcement would be coming soon for the iPhone 5.

Although there is no official announcement yet, leaked documents from a US phone network confirm that they are starting pre sales for the device with an expected October week 1 launch. The copy of the document does however state that “Apple product introduction / Launch dates subject to change”. But for a major network to start issuing memo’s about the launch and preparing staff, it can’t be far away can it?

This time of year Apple are rumoured to make announcements over iPod upgrades, so could it be an iPod / iPhone launch at the same time? There will be no Steve Jobs at the helm of this announcement, all over to Tim Cook to handle the keynote speeches for the new devices.

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Another Patent Application Filed in the US, this time for Carbon Fibre devices

September 2nd, 2011

carbon fibre ipadsIt sounds interesting doesn’t it? We know Apple like to file patents for a lot of reasons, mainly to keep the competitors and the consumers guessing as to what Apple are doing next.

This patent doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary for Apple though, wanting to add colour to carbon fibre and increase the durability and longevity of the material. It is already a very strong and lightweight material which has obvious advantages for a device such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone. Carbon fibre in its current state is becoming increasingly popular as a finish and has been integrated into a lot of different devices for different purposes. However, for something that needs to look cosmetically perfect for 100% of its life span, in its current state it is not the ideal solution as it can become to look tired.

Apple originally showed an interest in developing carbon fibre back in 2008, and subsequently in 2009 they showed their continued interest by filing another patent application.

What would a carbon fibre iPad look like?

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Apple do chase down counterfeit suppliers of iPods, iPhones

August 30th, 2011

In a report from CNN, WikiLeaks have leaked electronic memo’s detailing that Apple organised a security task force in 2008 to address the growing problem of counterfeit iPhones and iPods in China.

Normally Apple deny getting involved with such acts as this, but the leaked memo puts Apple at the heart of organising the security task force to stop the sale of counterfeit goods in China and bring a stop to the trend. Unfortunately, Apple were slow to take up the act and this has resulted in more and more counterfeit goods hitting the market.

Not only are China faced with counterfeit goods, they are also faced with fake Apple Stores, which although they do sell authentic Apple goods and carry many characteristics likening them to the real Apple Stores, they are still unofficial and not licenced. Of the 5 “fake” Apple Stores in China, 2 have been closed down by the Chinese government for not having business permits, but the other three remain.

Apple has 4 stores in China, of which they are the highest trafficked and top earning stores in the world. No wonder Apple don’t want any competition from street retailers and fake stores selling their goods or counterfeit goods.

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Who is Tim Cook?

August 26th, 2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook with Steve JobsThis is the question on a lot of people’s lips over the last few days. The icon Steve Jobs has stepped down, and Tim Cook is now set as his replacement. What a lot of people don’t know is that since Steve Jobs has been taking extended medical leave, Tim has been at the helm of Apple for the past year.

Tim Cook started off at IBM, with his dedication to the company and the business meaning Tim often worked over the Christmas and New year holidays to meet orders. After moving through more computer companies he was poached by Steve Jobs in 1998 and became Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations.

The Apple supply chain is now remarkably different to 10-15 years ago, and that largly thanks to Tim. The company now “partners” major manufacturers rather than keeping the manufacturing in house, and heavy investment into the manufacturers keeps them loyal. Apple create revolutionary products, and because the manufacturing chain and suppliers are effectively “locked” into Apple no competitor can create or copy the technology (many try, none succeed quite like Apple do).

We know Apple will be safe with Tim Cook, and with Steve Jobs DNA still at the heart of the company we are sure they can still succeed. And after the initial drop in the stock market, it looks like they believe Tim can succeed too with the shares now starting to recover.

Now Tim will be at the helm of Apple for the launch of the new devices, so we are looking forward to seeing Tim launch the iPhone 5 this year, and the iPad 3 next year.

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