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Apple Plan Stock Buy Back

April 30th, 2013

Announced on the quarterly earnings call last week was the decision for Apple to invest in Apple (may seem a radical way of thinking!). The company with all their oodles of cash reserves in the bank have decided to buy back shares into their own company to increase the share dividend to their investors.

Though even with all the cash reserves in the bank, Apple are borrowing money to fund the buy back. They are reportedly going to borrow between $15 and $20 billion from large banking corporations to enable the buy back to run smoothly. Though the company have more than $145 billion in the bank it is all stored off shore to avoid US taxes, and it seems easier for the company to fund the buy back by borrowing.

Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are the lucky banks in talks with Apple to help them fund the buy back, with Cook speaking at the Goldman Sachs conference every year to help maintain a good relationship (and attract a lot of attention for the banking corporation).

Apple investing in Apple means that investors will now see an extra 15% increase on their dividend payments, which will equate to around $3.05 per common share. Of course the program will take a number of years to complete, but Apple investing in Apple can only be a good thing surely?

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Apple Shares Drop Below $400

April 18th, 2013

Last year all we were hearing about was the rise and rise of Apple shares, where each share hit over $700 at one point. Unfortunately for Apple things began to take a decline in October which has continued and now it has seen Apple shares fall below $400.

The $700 per share peak for Apple stocks was a real high for the company and was hit at around the time of the iPad mini launch. Unfortunately since then, alongside the Apple Maps app problems and the management shake ups that followed the stocks have been on a downturn ever since.

Of course a fall in the share price is going to make investors twitchy, and with the quarterly earnings report being announced next week are Apple seeing some slow times ahead? iPad demand is said to have been “weak” over the past quarter, alongside other smartphone companies who seem to be over-innovating beyond Apple’s capabilities will probably mean a drop in iPhone sales too.

Will the company be able to pick up from this? We hope so.

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Two Top Apple Exec’s Sell off their Stocks

December 6th, 2012

This week both Eddy Cue and Bob Mansfield – two of the top executives at Apple HQ – have both cashed in a large portion of their shares in Apple, adding up to over $25 million.

Eddie Cue is in charge of all the online services at Apple, including Siri and the now infamous Apple Maps application (and fixing the Apple Maps application!). He has sold off $8.8 million in Apple stocks which works out at approximately 15,000 shares in the company. He has been left with 285 accessible shares, but if Cue stays with Apple through 2013 and 2015 he will earn an additional 100,000 shares.

Bob Mansfield is the other Apple exec to trade in his shares, earning him $20 million for cashing in 35,000 shares of Apple stock. Mansfield has been at Apple for over 12 years most recently as the Senior Vice President of Hardware. Earlier in 2012 Mansfield was going to retire but has since been persuaded to stay at Apple and now heads up a wireless tech department. He will also receive additional shares from Apple for staying with the company long into 2013 and 2016.

Many reports are saying that these Apple exec’s are being clever and getting in early with the new projected increase in capital gains tax, however with the AAPL share price plummeting the  way it is at the moment and two of the top exec’s choosing to cash in their shares, do they know something we don’t know?

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Apple Stocks Surge as Analysts Claim Stock Price is Cheap

November 21st, 2012

Opposite to the constant increase in Apple stocks, the last two months have seen Apple stock prices take a dive of nearly 25%. The slump in shares has followed one of Apple’s most profitable quarters ever on record, which clearly doesn’t add up. Of course, Apple are also now entering the holiday quarter which always sees the company post amazing figures and profits over the period, so why still the downturn in shares?

Well Brian White of Topeka this morning decided he would tell everyone how “insane” the sell off of Apple stock is and that it is even more “insane” as they are coming up to their holiday quarter, and with the recent launch of the iPad Mini expecting sales to again be at a record high for this quarter. Sure enough, since this claim Apple’s share price has increased by 5% and is still on an upward incline at the time of writing this. Many other stock analysts are also on the same wavelength and telling investors the stock is cheap at the moment.

Surely Apple will be back to their top form of share prices soon.

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Apple Shares Soar Post Victory Over Samsung

August 27th, 2012

Apple stocks have sharply increased in the last few days following their victory over Samsung in a US court. The stocks of the company are now pushing up to $680 a share, following their previous market high just 4 days before of $674 a share. Apple are also now the most valuable public company of all time with a market cap of $619 billion, surpassing Microsoft with their previous market cap of $618 billion.

The companies victory over Samsung in court is said to be the main reason for the share hike for the company, where they have been awarded $1 billion in damages from Samsung. Of course, the Korean technology company Samsung are appealing the decision made by the courts and jury and the appeal process will play out over the next few weeks. But in the meantime it sees Apple celebrating the decision, and clearly their investors are both resting easy and celebrating too.

Investors are looking to pile their cash into Apple before the launch of the iPhone 5 which is expected on 12th September 2012. We are also expecting an announcement regarding the new iPad Mini at this time too ready for the Christmas quarter of sales to begin for both devices. Another busy quarter is expected for Apple, with share prices now only going to head one way…. up!

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Apple Shares End January at High of $456.48

February 1st, 2012

Shares in Apple have been flying during January, and what better way to end the month than with record breaking quarterly earnings and a massive hike in the share price?

Of course the quarterly earnings report is part of the reason for the peak in the share price but Apple’s stocks have been on an upwards turn since the middle of November 2011, the report has only steepened the increase somewhat.

The tech giant’s stocks started the month over 50 points lower than where they have ended it, with Apple again taking the most valuable company crown away from Exxon Mobil. Apple’s market cap now stands at a massive $425.6 billion, compared to Exxon Mobil’s cap of $401.4 billion.

How do Wall Street and the rest of the world feel having Apple as the world’s most valuable company? And how does Tim Cook feel being CEO of said company? Quite happy I would think, knowing how many shares he has in Apple!

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iPhone 4S Launch Means Apple Stocks Close at an All Time High

October 17th, 2011

Apple stocks on Friday closed at an all time high of $422 per share.

The company’s stocks have seen unsettled times recently, starting with Steve Jobs stepping down as the company CEO, and then his passing. Along with the general consumer upset of no iPhone 5 this year things appeared to be taking a down turn.

Yet consumers, as always, have changed their mind, and it is clear the launch of the 4S is the reason for the rise in the stocks and the now upward turn Apple are facing.

Apple are always looking to the future, and along with the news released that Steve Jobs has overseen the next 4 years’ worth of Apple product releases before he passed away, hopefully at least the next four years with Apple are safe.

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Apple Stocks Slipping

October 6th, 2011

steve jobs iphone 4Since the launch of iPhone 4S Apple stocks have been slipping. Many investors and customers were expecting the launch of a new device, not an upgraded existing model.

Apple shares had been seeing an uphill trend as the rumours of a new device and launch dates were circulating, and when the announcement was made the shares took a 4% tumble downwards.

Since the news of Steve Jobs passing away shares in Apple are still on a downward slope. Many saw Steve as the leader of Apple and even though he had stepped down from CEO of the company earlier this year, his place as Chairman of the Board meant he was still heavily involved.

Now with his passing the empire he built needs to stand on its own feet. I’m sure the team Steve had built around him have all the knowledge and experience to take the company forward and continue to make the tech giant a company we will all continue to love.

Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. Nor would he want to be. The loss of Steve Jobs will leave a hole in Apple that no one can fill.

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Apple shares closed above $400

July 27th, 2011

Apple shares yesterday hit a real milestone, closing at $403.61, the first time the company has closed above $400.

Apple’s stock value has been on a real upward incline since 2004, and since the launch of the first iPad in January 2010, the stock has only increased. After Apple’s staggering quarterly earnings report last week including the sale of 20 million iPhones and 9 million iPads, there really is no other way for the stock to go!

Currently Apple is worth $374.18 billion, which makes it the second most valuable company in the world after ExxonMobil. Apple has some way to go to beat the lead ExxonMobil have, a good $41 billion. I’m sure the gap will be dwindling down after the launch of the next iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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