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Staffing Changes at Apple HQ May Indicate Better Designed Apps Are Coming

October 30th, 2012

There were lots of changes announced yesterday at the top of the Apple tree. Tim Cook is still heading up the company as CEO, but the people underneath have been moved and fired in a shake up post the disaster of Apple Maps for iOS 6.

All of the reports have come from the New York Times, announcing that Scott Forstall who was the senior vice president of iOS Software will be leaving the company next year and in the meantime will serve as an advisor to Tim Cook. The other Apple executive on the way out is John Browett who was the head of Apple’s retail division.

Both of the executives have many speculated reasons for their leaving Apple. The main reason cited behind Forstall leaving is clearly the iOS 6 Maps that failed to meet expectations for many users. It is being reported that Forstall refused to sign the apology letter that Apple were forced to make for the native maps application where they recommended other third party applications for users to turn to whilst their iOS 6 maps application was being completed.

This obviously leaves a gap at the top of the tree that none other than Jony Ive is going to fill. His current responsibility is to oversee the industrial design of the Apple products and he has famously designed the iMac, iPod and all of our favourite Apple accessories that we know and love. He will now oversee the human interface side of the applications, therefore making sure the design of them matches the aesthetics of the device itself.

To me, this is a great move by Apple to make everything flow together and be more cohesive.

What do you think?

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