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Apple Shares Said to be “on a Rebound”

May 6th, 2013

Apple shares look to be back on an upward increase since mid-April. Before then the company had seen a downward slope since September last year when the shares peaked at $700 and faced a decline which saw them hit their low point at below $400 per share.

What is the reason for the change in events? Many reasons are being cited as the turn around for Apple, but one investor is claiming that the WWDC will be a new turnaround platform for all Apple investors and consumers to get excited about Apple again.

The company has faced the share price fall since the release of an updated device into nearly every product line which came with their September launch. The new MacBooks, iPads, Mac Mini’s were all launched on the same day at the same event and therefore consumers are waiting to see what and when will launch next, with all expected to be waiting until next year for an update into each product line.

With the WWDC tickets selling out in a record time, less than three minutes, we are expecting Apple to launch something great at the WWDC, ontop of the news that the highlights from the WWDC will go on tour across America to major cities, they must be releasing something big.

Is this the something big Tim Cook referenced that they were working on?

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Apple Stocks Drop to $500

December 17th, 2012

After we have been used to a constant upwards spiral for Apple stocks over the summer, recent months have seen the share price for the company take dives, now nearing their February price of $500 per share. The companies share prices hit a high of $702 per share in September, but are now as low as $500 per share, and since the September high shares have been on an opposing spiral to what Apple have been used to and accustomed to.

Many of the major stakeholders in Apple, including long term staff members, have been selling their stocks to avoid potential extra taxes next year due to changes in the American Taxation system. Reports are also saying that the demand for their products may be dropping… with one of Apple’s main countries to supply being China yet on the release of the iPhone 5 there were no where near the lines and queues that we have been used to seeing for product launches in the country.

Are Apple finally starting to lose their stake in the smart phone market? I know myself many are turning to other named Android based smartphones as the standard one device per year rule from Apple is leaving them waiting and wanting something different.

Are you sticking with Apple? Or are you ready to try a Galaxy Tab?

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Two Top Apple Exec’s Sell off their Stocks

December 6th, 2012

This week both Eddy Cue and Bob Mansfield – two of the top executives at Apple HQ – have both cashed in a large portion of their shares in Apple, adding up to over $25 million.

Eddie Cue is in charge of all the online services at Apple, including Siri and the now infamous Apple Maps application (and fixing the Apple Maps application!). He has sold off $8.8 million in Apple stocks which works out at approximately 15,000 shares in the company. He has been left with 285 accessible shares, but if Cue stays with Apple through 2013 and 2015 he will earn an additional 100,000 shares.

Bob Mansfield is the other Apple exec to trade in his shares, earning him $20 million for cashing in 35,000 shares of Apple stock. Mansfield has been at Apple for over 12 years most recently as the Senior Vice President of Hardware. Earlier in 2012 Mansfield was going to retire but has since been persuaded to stay at Apple and now heads up a wireless tech department. He will also receive additional shares from Apple for staying with the company long into 2013 and 2016.

Many reports are saying that these Apple exec’s are being clever and getting in early with the new projected increase in capital gains tax, however with the AAPL share price plummeting the  way it is at the moment and two of the top exec’s choosing to cash in their shares, do they know something we don’t know?

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Apple Stocks Surge as Analysts Claim Stock Price is Cheap

November 21st, 2012

Opposite to the constant increase in Apple stocks, the last two months have seen Apple stock prices take a dive of nearly 25%. The slump in shares has followed one of Apple’s most profitable quarters ever on record, which clearly doesn’t add up. Of course, Apple are also now entering the holiday quarter which always sees the company post amazing figures and profits over the period, so why still the downturn in shares?

Well Brian White of Topeka this morning decided he would tell everyone how “insane” the sell off of Apple stock is and that it is even more “insane” as they are coming up to their holiday quarter, and with the recent launch of the iPad Mini expecting sales to again be at a record high for this quarter. Sure enough, since this claim Apple’s share price has increased by 5% and is still on an upward incline at the time of writing this. Many other stock analysts are also on the same wavelength and telling investors the stock is cheap at the moment.

Surely Apple will be back to their top form of share prices soon.

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Apple Shares Soar Again

September 17th, 2012

apple stocksApple shares are soaring again post the iPhone 5 announcement.

The companies stock has been reaching record highs since the announcement of the New iPad this year and have well recovered after the mini slump of the iPhone 4S launch. Shares were also affected earlier this year when Steve Jobs sadly passed away, with shareholders not confident that the company could carry on without his influence.

The shares hit $696.98 on Friday as their market high so far, with the $700 per share in a stretching point, the stocks then floated around this mark, finally closing at $691.

Many investors have been speculating that the company will hit the market cap of $700 billion soon, and that they will become the worlds first trillion dollar company in the next few years. If the company continues to have product releases as successful as the iPhone 5 introduction has been then they are looking at hitting this target sooner rather than later!

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Apple’s Market Value is a Massive $600 Billion

April 11th, 2012

Ahead of last weeks predictions that Apple will become the worlds first trillion dollar company, yesterday the tech giant hit a massive milestone on their way; the companies Market Cap hit a whopping $600 Billion. Though the company didn’t close the day at over this mark, it means that today or tomorrow it looks like they will stay around this figure. And looking at the past milestones for the company, they hit the “half-a-trillion” or $500 Billion mark only a month and a half ago.

Apple are continuing in their strong financial performance and whilst the company innovates and creates behind the scenes, all Apple investors and fans are making waves about where they can go to next.

A shocking statistic (from my mum – who feigns interest in all things Apple on my behalf!) said that on the day of the first iPad release back in April 2010, if you had invested your money in Apple stocks rather than buying just one iPad you would have over £6000 now. Though if everyone had done that then I’m sure it wouldn’t have quite reached £6000. Though interesting facts and figures to look at. Of course just one share in Apple will now cost you $643, so a little more than just one device. Which would you say is the better investment?

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Could Apple Become the World’s first Trillion Dollar Company?

April 5th, 2012

With nothing stopping the Apple stock from soaring this year analysts are getting excited. They are predicting that the tech giant Apple could become the world’s first trillion dollar company as soon as 2014.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has made this prediction and has been watching Apple’s stock values increase for some time. On Monday when the prediction was made, the company stood at $576.79 billion on the stock market. Microsoft have previously set the all-time high for a companies market cap at $619 billion, which I’m sure won’t take Apple long to reach and surpass in their current field. However, for Gene Munster to predict the company almost doubling in worth in two years is a massive prediction. However, the current upward trend in the companies growth has seen their share price rise by 56% since the year began.

Apple of course will continue developing their existing product ranges, innovating new product ranges and of course moving into new markets, with particular focus on China and Eastern areas where there is massive potential for the company to increase their sales.

Do you think the prediction could be right? Or do you think it will take Apple longer?

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