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Steve Jobs and Tim Cook Disagreed over Suing Samsing

February 10th, 2013

Articles have today hit the web confirming the rocky relationships between Apple and Samsung and how the late CEO of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs, and current CEO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook, disagreed on the approach to Samsung and their close reliance on the relationship between the two companies.

The Reuters article online confirms how Steve Jobs was keen to strike up a good working relationship between the two companies back in 2005 over flash memory, when Apple were fast developing the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle and wanted solid state hard drives based on flash chips rather than the previously seen hard drives with moving components. At the time Steve Jobs wanted to partner with a company who were financially sound and develop an ongoing relationship with them. Cook was more withdrawn and was worried about the critical relationship between the two companies who over the years were giving Samsung insight into their market with projected sales etc.

Apple are now gently withdrawing their supplier relationship with Samsung as the company are sourcing other suppliers for their chain of components for the iPhone, iPad and all their mobile device line up.

As the two companies look to be reaching a stalemate with their ongoing legal battles across the globe, where and when will we see this ending?

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Apple Fire Samsung as iPad Battery Maker

November 24th, 2012

Apple appear to be wanting to distance themselves from the Korean tech company who previous to this news announcement used to supply many components for the iPad and iPhones to Apple. But, as the two companies enter long legal battles across the world over patents for both the iPad and the iPhone against the Samsung Galaxy range of devices it appears now Apple are looking to source components elsewhere.

Samsung have long been the supplier of the power packs/batteries that are contained in the iPad and some of Apple’s MacBook computers. With both of the batteries known for their long life and quick charging Apple have worked well with Samsung to get the result they have wanted for their products.

Apple have already cut Samsung from the supply of their displays and the flash memory which is contained in their tablets and mobiles, but with this latest move to stop them supplying the batteries for the devices the only thing remaining is the processing chips. Samsung supply the A4, A5, A5X and A6 processors that reside in the full range of mobile devices, with the A5X and A6 processors being inside the latest iPads and iPhones. Though Apple won’t want to move the manufacture and supply of these parts, it is certainly something that Samsung can hold Apple over and are working to that effect by looking to increase the price of these components by 20% next year.

How long will it be before Samsung are completely out of the Apple supply chain?

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iPad Displays Coming from LG not Samsung

October 25th, 2012

In a report released from Digitimes this week it has been stated that the orders for the new Apple lineup – including the 4th generation iPad, the new iPad Mini and the Retina 13inch MacBook have come from LG Display, not Samsung.

The two companies have ongoing court battles in many different countries and territories across the world, whereby Apple are suing Samsung for infringing their patents related to the iPad. However, earlier this year it appeared that Samsung where the only company able to supply Apple with the quantity and quality of the retina displays that they needed for the 3rd generation New iPad.

The new displays for the redesigned iMac lineup are also slimmer and therefore coming from LG or AU Optronics (another of Apple’s middle east suppliers of screens). The new technology used to give users a better visual experience by using a plane-switching technology like the full sized iPad. The AU Optronics screens achieve the same results with AHVA technology – which is Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle display, which is great for mobile and tablet users who are on the move.

With more decisions due in court cases this week Samsung and Apple are still going to be in this situation for some time yet, and while the two sides of the business have always stayed separate for Samsung the latest $1bn fine for the company and Apple withdrawing orders I’m sure will hit them hard.

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Apple add integrated circuit makers to iPad supply chain

July 26th, 2011

But are they for iPad 3 or 4?

Digitimes have reported that Apple added four integrated circuit makers to their supply chain based in Taiwan. They report that it is due to adjusting the cost structure for the iPad in order to compete with the rival tablets being launched at the end of 2011.

The four manufacturing houses are all reportedly adding separate components into the iPad supply chain; Novatek Microelectronics supplying the LCD driver integrated circuits, Capella Microsystems providing ambient light sensors, Richtek Technology building integrated power management circuits, and Integrated Memory Logic are said to be supplying a component specifically for the iPad 3.

Back in March when the iPad 2 was announced, Apple declared that 2011 would be the year of the iPad 2. So far, they are correct. And I don’t think it will change. All the other android tablet devices aren’t even getting a look in on the sales that Apple have achieved. And though it would be feeble of Apple to not be thinking about the next generation model, (and the one after that), surely they aren’t thinking of releasing it yet?

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