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WWDC App Now Available in iOS App Store

June 4th, 2013

The “companion” app for the WWDC conference next week has been released into the App Store yesterday. Last years WWDC saw an app to accompany the events so one has been expected for a while and is a great tool for both the attendees to the conference and those who can’t make it and missed out on tickets (which is A LOT!)

The app gives developers – both at the conference or at home – to follow the events of each day. The app shows the WWDC schedule, news from the event, and will also have daily video’s of the sessions for registered developers to watch who couldn’t make the live event. I’m sure for developers who wanted to be at the event and can’t make it the app will be such a useful tool of information (and is certainly a cheaper alternative as the event is quite pricey!)

The WWDC is said to be going “on tour” after the main conference for those developers who missed out on grabbing a ticket for the event in the 3 minutes that they took to sell out! I’m sure there will be a whole host of information on a dedicated app for this too enabling people to track the “tour” and see the agendas and updates for the events on the road too.

The App will no doubt be receiving a huge number of downloads from the store this week as we get ready to build up to the conference starting live on Monday.

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Apple Shares Said to be “on a Rebound”

May 6th, 2013

Apple shares look to be back on an upward increase since mid-April. Before then the company had seen a downward slope since September last year when the shares peaked at $700 and faced a decline which saw them hit their low point at below $400 per share.

What is the reason for the change in events? Many reasons are being cited as the turn around for Apple, but one investor is claiming that the WWDC will be a new turnaround platform for all Apple investors and consumers to get excited about Apple again.

The company has faced the share price fall since the release of an updated device into nearly every product line which came with their September launch. The new MacBooks, iPads, Mac Mini’s were all launched on the same day at the same event and therefore consumers are waiting to see what and when will launch next, with all expected to be waiting until next year for an update into each product line.

With the WWDC tickets selling out in a record time, less than three minutes, we are expecting Apple to launch something great at the WWDC, ontop of the news that the highlights from the WWDC will go on tour across America to major cities, they must be releasing something big.

Is this the something big Tim Cook referenced that they were working on?

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Apple WWDC Sold Out in 3 Minutes

April 27th, 2013

As was expected, as soon as tickets for the Annual Apple WWDC were on sale they were sold, in a record three minutes!

The company announced that their WWDC this year would take place mid-June in the usual location in San Francisco, and some third party sites were even set up to try and help ensure people who were desperate for a place got their seat at the conference this year.

The tickets are open for developers for Apple, either people who are signed to the iOS Developer Program, the iOS Developer Enterprise Program or the Mac Developer program, and each ticket is $1,599! (Not cheap by any standards!) However, judging on the last few years conferences where Apple have previewed the new iOS systems, iOS 6 last year and iOS 5 the year before, they are certainly the place to be to be in the know about new developments at the company. Not forgetting Mac Developers either who have seen some interesting and new updates to the Mac OS in recent years and by the look of the event page are promised a glimpse of the new OS X for Mac.

The new release of iOS 7 is expected to have some significant visual changes now Jony Ive is responsible for the look and feel of the OS. I’m looking forward to seeing his influence update the OS.

The WWDC is also very good timing as Google are expected to launch their new version of the Android OS Key Lime Pie in mid May.

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Is iOS 6 NOT coming to the Origial iPad?

June 11th, 2012

Reported earlier today from Phone Arena, it appears that the all-new iOS 6 update from Apple may not support the First Generation iPad, and yet could support the older iPhone 3GS.

Why? With the first generation iPad being over a year younger than the iPhone 3GS it does beg the question, as the original iPad packs far more specification updates and upgrades than the older iPhone. However, the original. first generation iPad is now a discontinued model and has been off sale for over a year, where by the iPhone 3GS sales have remained strong despite having two newer models released since.

The information comes from the latest beta release of the iOS 6 software for developers which included a download for the 3GS but not the iPad 1. The release also only catered for the latest 4th generation iPod Touch. It is of course only a beta release of the software so other models can be added to the downloads before the final launch, however the argument for not supporting the original iPad is going to grow.

Stay tuned to news from the WWDC where we expect to hear the latest on what to expect in iOS 6 and any news on the supported devices.

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