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Use the i360 Stand as a Drum Machine

March 23rd, 2012

The new app launched from Fingerlab puts you in control of a vintage drum machine, turning the iPad into a beat-making, finger-tapping fun and creative machine.

The app is not just made for fun, it does have a specific purpose for professional musicians also who can pick any one of the range of drum machines available in the app, including 64 electronic kits, 19 vintage drum kits and 45 custom made drum kits. Obviously the drum screen layout and workings are perfect for the iPad screen and display size.

The Drum Machine app from Fingerlab will work great combined with the Black i360 iPad Stand. You can position the i360 at any angle to make it comfortable to play the drums. You could even position the iPad stand with the iPad among other music equipment to become part of your kit!

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Black iPad Stand

January 27th, 2012

black ipad standThe High Gloss Black iPad stand from Intelligent Touch is the best-selling iPad Stand on

The combination of the high gloss black appearance with the chrome detailing we have brought into the design really give the stand a “designer” feel. Its sleek overall appearance is a reflection of the movement, very sleek and completely controlled in every degree.

You can control movement of the iPad when housed within the black iPad stand in every direction. The 360 degree rotation of the screen allows you to easily switch from portrait to landscape and everything in between, or even continuously rotate the screen if you were playing a game. You can also tilt the iPad up to 90 degrees, making sure you can get the perfect viewing angle of the screen every time no matter what position you are in. The third range of movement is a 360 degree “swivel”, allowing you to swing the iPad round on its axis to share the screen with an audience or colleague. The stylish black iPad stand on an office desk is perfect for the 360 degree swivel to make sure all your colleagues can see the screen as can you.

The high resolution images of the i360 stand are in the store pages, have a look at the design features here too.

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Get the best from your iPad racing games with the i360 Stand

September 20th, 2011

We have a sleek and stylish, black iPad stand which will definitely take your gaming to another level.

The i360 allows you to continuously rotate your iPad whilst still held securely within the stand, perfect for racing and driving games including Real Racing 2, Ridge Racer Accelerated, DrawRace 2 HD and Need for Speed. You can really get a steering wheel motion whilst playing the iPad Apps and it won’t tire your arms to keep holding the tablet.

ipad stand store






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The Best iPad Stand – the i360 Stand from Intelligent Touch

September 7th, 2011

If you are looking for the best iPad Stand then you need look no further.

The i360 Stand from Intelligent Touch is the most versatile iPad Stand on the market today and will meet every need you have. The stand allows you to rotate the screen through 360° and more, whilst you can still swivel the stand and tilt the screen.

If you are looking for a birthday present or a Christmas present, then the i360 stand will certainly be a welcome gift and is available for immediate dispatch to make sure it is with you on time for that special occasion.

Have a look at the range of colours in the iPad Stand store…

i pad stand






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Use the Black i360 iPad Stand with your iPad Music Apps

July 27th, 2011

Classical Guitar App For iPad

In house, we’ve named the i360 Black iPad Stand our Piano Black stand… and that certainly compliments the array of music apps available for the iPad.

There are more and more music apps being released daily for the iPad, but one of our favourites is Classical Guitar, mainly because the app is so simple to use, even the most tone-deaf person can get a good sounding tune out of it.

You can choose the selection of chords to have on the screen with one hand, and the other strums the strings. Even the upstrokes and the down strokes sound distinctly different when using the app just like they would on a real guitar, which I’m sure will keep even the most experienced musician happy.

The app does get complicated for first time users, with fingers and thumbs everywhere! That’s why the i360 iPad Stand is ideal to hold the iPad while you concentrate on your music!

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Planes Controlled by an iPad? (well, not quite)

July 7th, 2011

Pilots using an iPad - they need an i360 iPad Stand

But… flight bags have been swapped for iPads on some American airlines now, meaning that log books, flight manuals and other paperwork previously carried around by pilots have been replaced by the iPad. With it being much lighter to carry around this move has also been heralded as being able to reduce healthcare costs, with pilots now carrying a mere 500g iPad instead of reams and reams of manuals.

Although the iPad isn’t going to directly control the plane, pilots will be able to access the main sources of reference they need quickly and easily to help them fly the plane, with more and more resources being sent for approval to be used on the iPad.

It is a great environmental move forward too, with all documents being changed electronically and sent to the iPads. This has eliminated the need for paper to be printed, then scrapped, then re-printed, then scrapped.

I think they need a black i360 iPad stand in the cockpit of the plane to hold the iPad. It will certainly keep the iPad safe throughout the flight!

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