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Music Stands for iPad

April 17th, 2013

Playing and making music using the iPad is becoming more and more popular with the array of apps available. Whether you want to learn to play keyboard or are already an accomplished player, or even learn the guitar, there is sure to be “an app for that” in the app store.

We have found that many musicians, both amateurs and professionals alike, have turned to the i360 iPad stand to support their iPad whilst they are playing music. The adjustable angles and viewing directions for the iPad mean that any position can be achieved for playing music, including a lay flat position for the keyboard, or a slightly angled upright position ideal for playing guitar, or anything and any direction in between!

We have a piano black stand which looks great and stylish in any home, or a gloss white stand which looks great in kitchens and modern homes. Or, for those wanting something a bit different we have a pink stand with chrome detailing which really catches the eye!

Take a look here on our i360 store pages for more information.

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Rotating Stand for iPads

October 27th, 2012

If you want a stand for an iPad then having a stand that also rotates is a great add on flexibility for anyone. The rotating aspect of the i360 stand works in two different aspects, allowing you to rotate the screen of the iPad from portrait to landscape and to change the viewing direction of the stand.

The first rotational aspect is the screen, where by you can continuously rotate the screen of the tablet from landscape, through to portrait and back again making switching the iPad between portrait and landscape mode simple and easy. This movement also activates the internal gyroscope on the iPad which will assist if you are playing a driving game or a racing game where you can use the iPad as a steering wheel and drive your way around the course!

The second feature of the iPad allows the stand to rotate and change viewing direction, so you can have the screen of the iPad aligned with the long or short side of the base. More than that though, if you wish to have the base of the stand fixed to a surface you can and still adjust the viewing angle and direction using the rotational functions in the base of the stand.

The demonstration video’s here show you the full facilities and features offered by the stand.

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i360 Stand Video Reviews

March 29th, 2012

This week we are very proud to have received a review on YouTube! The video is from Germany which clearly reiterates to us the interest in the i360 from outside the UK.

The very professionally shot video shows the features of the i360 stand including how users can remove the claw on the device to upgrade for new generations of the iPad. The video also demonstrates how you can rotate the screen of the iPad as well as tilt the screen up to 90 degrees.

The white stand in the video is gleaming, exactly as every stand that goes through our doors. The professionally shot video really picks up the black and chrome features against the gloss white base and claw and completely emphasises the aesthetically pleasing design of the i360 iPad Stand.

Take a look at the video of the i360 here on YouTube.

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The i360 iPad Stand from Intelligent Touch

March 19th, 2012

The i360 iPad Stand manufactured by Intelligent Touch is available exclusively from the manufacturers here at

The product is designed, manufactured and shipped from the heart of manufacturing in the West Midlands. Using only the best materials, from the best suppliers, combined with fair labour, the i360 stand has a quality like no other. The rigorous quality control checks make sure that every product that leaves our warehousing facility is perfect. So often products and manufacturing gets shipped to China where reliability and quality can be an issue. We are confident that the i360 iPad stand will even outlast the iPad in durability terms, and will be with you for future generations of the iPad too.

We have built into the design a unique upgrade facility where by part of the stand can be upgraded for future generations of the iPad without having to completely replace the whole stand. Apple reinvent the iPad every year, but you won’t have to reinvent your stand. Simply purchasing a new claw will see you and your new iPad into the next year of use.

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Skype App for iPad was here, then it disappeared again

August 2nd, 2011

Skype App for iPad

The Skype app for iPad was launched yesterday on the App Store, for it to be pulled back shortly afterwards.

On their twitter account, the company revealed the reason behind removing the app.

“To ensure your best Skype experience, we’ve temporarily removed Skype for iPad which went live prematurely today. We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting Skype for iPad and apologize for the inconvenience.”

The App appeared in the New Zealand App store first, then making its way onto the US store. After a premature leak of the iPad app in June this year all iOS iPad users have been eagerly anticipating its true arrival into the App Store, and it looks like they will have to wait a short while longer. Obviously first generation iPad users will only be able to receive the video call, however iPad 2 users will get the full functionality of the two-way video calling.

We are one of the users eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Skype App, and can’t wait to test it out in conjunction with the i360 iPad Stand.


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Djay app by Algoriddim great for use with i360 iPad Stand

July 14th, 2011

djay App by Algoriddim for iPad

Using the i360 iPad Stand for Djing wasn’t something we had considered at Intelligent Touch. But we hadn’t considered much djing to be done on the iPad. Oh how wrong were we.

We were introduced to the djay app by James at where he has used the i360 iPad Stand in conjunction with the app and an array of Djing equipment. Here the stand really comes into its own, and from watching James use the stand I can’t imagine another iPad Stand on the market fulfilling the need quite like the i360 does.

The i360 remains very stable on the desk while James taps away at the screen to make the music. And even with some hefty bass vibrating the desk, we’re sure the stand will stay put and keep your iPad secure.

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