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Apple iPad Stand – the i360 Stand

April 13th, 2012

The i360 Stand from Intelligent Touch is designed for all generations of the Apple iPad – including all future generations too! The i360 is a 3rd Party Approved Apple Accessory and is sold through the Apple Online Store as well as direct from the manufacturer here at .

Apple have a reputation for designing great and innovative products and the iPad was certainly no exception to the rule; in fact the iPad has been one of the pinnacle products for the company and has helped them see such a huge upturn in their stock value. The brainchild of Steve Jobs, past CEO and one of the co-founders of Apple, the iPad has been improved every year since its release with new generation models coming out. The first generation iPad was only launched in 2010 and the three generations of the device have racked up huge amounts of sales, including 3 million of the latest device sold in the first weekend!

The i360 iPad Stand has two variations; one for the original Apple iPad (first generation), and one for the Apple iPad 2 and the New iPad (second and third generation). The i360 Stand will also be compatible with all future generations of the iPad because of the removable “claw”, meaning that only the claw would need replacing for the next generation models of the tablet (if there are any changes in size?)

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Designed iPad Stands

April 6th, 2012

Have you seen the new range of ‘Designed’ i360 stands available exclusively from

We know our customers love the i360 stand as it is that bit unique and something completely different. Well the i360 Designed stands take this one step further with the unique vinyl graphics applied to each one.

All of the designs have been created and specially selected by our in house team as patterns and colours we think will suit our customers and their likes. The designs are applied to the bases of the iPad stands and really make them stand out.

With the i360 Designed Stands your iPad stand will be even more unique.

Take a look at the store pages here to see the different designs.

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iPad Display Stands

March 5th, 2012

ipad 2 display standDo you have a presentation or app you want to run on an iPad but nothing to display it in? That’s where we come in!

The i360 and i370 stands from Intelligent Touch are definitely what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to simply and elegantly display the iPad and the content for an audience or you want the iPad to be securely housed into a lockable enclosure, the i300 range will suit your need.

The i360 is a designer display stand. Encompassing a full range of movement including a 90° tilt, 360° rotation and a 360° swivel action you really can display the iPad any way you want to and in any position you want. The customer can also use this free flowing range of movement to position the iPad at the perfect viewing angle for them, whether they be stood up using the stand at an exhibition or sat comfortably in an office.

Looking to secure the iPad into a stand so no one has the opportunity to thieve it? Then you need the i370 Lockdown iPad Stand. This secure stand holds the iPad into a lockable metal enclosure, keeping the high priced item securely in your possession! The lockdown stand can be fixed down to a surface so neither the iPad or the stand can be removed. You can only take the iPad out of the lockable enclosure with a key, for which two keys are supplied for each lock. What’s more, the lockdown stand encompasses the full range of movement from the original i360, including the 90° tilt, the 360° rotation and the 360° swivel so again the screen can be positioned at any viewing angle for the customer or the display.

Take a look at the store pages of the site to see the range of stands and secure solutions available.


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Intelligent Touch i360 Stand – Buy it here from

January 4th, 2012

The Intelligent Touch i360 Stand is the most desired iPad stand around. The i360 provides a stand like no other, with a unique spectrum of movement making the iPad stand become part of your iPad, not just another accessory.

The stand can be used in a variety of situations whether it be in the office or at home in the kitchen, living room or even dining room. The i360 also provides a wall mountable solution, if in the kitchen or the office worktop space is limited, the iPad will be securely housed within the i360 stand on the wall using the wall mount facility in the base.

The design team at Intelligent Touch when coming up with the concept for the i360 wanted it to make sure it wasn’t restrictive; therefore the team have built in an upgrade solution making sure the main body of the stand will be compatible with any future release of iPad. The “claw” on the stand which holds the iPad in place can be taken on and off the stand, therefore with each new iPad release a new “claw” will be produced making it a cost effective upgrade solution (more cost effective than upgrading iPads!)

Take a look at the i360 store pages to see the features for yourself.






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Stand for iPad 2

November 25th, 2011

The i360 Stand for iPad 2 allows you to get the most out of your iPad, whether it be for use in the home or office or in a retail environment.

One of the main features of the iPad is the gyroscope, which is perfectly complimented by the functions of the i360 – making sure you can use the iPad to its full potential. The combination of the 360° rotation of the screen and the 90° tilting actions mean that when gaming with the i360 Stand for iPad 2 you can really get into the game, without the thought of the stand being restrictive in any way.

The stand also holds the iPad securely, even upside down! So if you want to put the i360 on a wall in the kitchen, or on a desk in an office, you can be sure that the iPad will stay securely in place.

Take a look at the i360 store pages HERE and choose the stand for you.

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i360 Stand Debuts on

September 30th, 2011

i360 stand on amazon.comWe are very pleased to announce that the i360 stand is now available to be purchased through for all our US customers!

All variations of the i360 are available on the store in all our colours, black, white and pink!

Take a look at the Official Intelligent Touch store page here.



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Buy the i360 Stand from Intelligent Touch at

September 27th, 2011

i360 stand Intelligent is the dedicated outlet store for the i360 stand and all associated accessories and peripherals, you’re buying straight from the manufacturer when you buy from

All of the items produced by Intelligent Touch are listed and sold here first, so when shopping at you get the best items at the best price and the best delivery time.



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iPad Stand Reviews

September 15th, 2011

ipad stand reviews

Thanks go out to Josh of for providing an honest (and glowing!) review of the i360 stand.

Josh was sent a white i360 Stand to test run and review with his iPad 2, and we can see from the photographs he took he definitely enjoyed playing angry birds on his iPad with the i360 Stand.

To read Josh’s full review click here


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i360 Stand Review

September 14th, 2011

ipad stand reviewAfter sending a sample unit to Josh at we eagerly anticipated the response it would get. The review was published earlier this week and we are very pleased to read the glowing report it had from Josh.

Read the i360 review here

Part of the practicality analysis of the stand:

“The clips that hold your iPad in place are very secure, and feature rubber buffers which ensure you won’t scratch the skin of your iPad. The arm holding the stand allows you to position your tablet at any angle, and at any height, without losing any stability whatsoever. This iPad stand can also be wall mounted which works really well, the base plate simply sits on four screws and is held very safely anywhere around the office or home, it’s one of a select few stands with Wall Mounting functionally, for this, it has extra appeal.”

Thanks Josh, glad you liked it and hope you continue to enjoy using the i360.

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i360 Stand for iPad 2 Launched on Apple Store Online

July 25th, 2011

i360 iPad Stand Launched on Apple Store Online

The Intelligent Touch i360 Stand for Apple iPad 2 has been launched today on Apple Store Online in both black and white colour variations.

The i360 Multi Position iPad Stand is an Apple Approved 3rd party accessory and therefore has the privilege of being sold by Apple on their Apple Store. The original iPad stand has been represented on the store since the stands initial launch and has received great feedback and comments from all the consumers who have purchased the stand.

Many of the customers commented how they loved that the stand has many uses within the home and office and fits in with their lifestyle. From watching the BBC iPlayer on the iPad in the kitchen or browsing the internet on the iPad 2 in the office, the i360 stand suited all of their needs and more.

What’s your favourite use for the iPad or the i360 Stand? Or both?

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