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Have you upgraded to iOS 5 yet?

October 12th, 2011

The iOS 5 launch has possibly been the most talked about software update I’ve known… Apple users cannot wait to get their hands on the free update for their devices.

No wonder, as the update comes with nearly 200 new features to the devices, making even the oldest of iPhone3G’s able to be upgraded to the iMessage facility.

Along with iMessage are new apps like News Stand, and the new notification centre, new camera functions to name but a few.

Have you upgraded yet? What is your favourite new feature?

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iOS 5 – when is it coming?

September 26th, 2011

iphone keynote speechEvery day more and more rumours start circulating about Apple’s new iPhones and the launch of iOS 5, but when is it all expected to happen.

The only official thing we know is that Apple have said iOS 5 is coming “this fall”. Thanks for narrowing that one down Apple! Well it isn’t here yet, and guessing that December falls under the “winter” season, we can narrow it down to October – November. Mac news sites are pointing at October 4th to be D-Day for the announcement, but with no official word from Apple this is purely just a rumour.

The launch of an iOS update/upgrade as dramatic as iOS 5 usually brings about a parallel launch of a new device, and as we have surpassed the normal June iPhone upgrade all mac news sites think this will be it. But whether it is iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 or both remains to be seen.

Previously, the launch of the operating system and device get announced at the same time, with iOS released within one week of the keynote speech, and then the device 1-2 weeks later. Will Apple stick to this strategy now Tim Cook is at the helm?

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Apple looking to release iOS 5 around 10th October

September 15th, 2011

iOS-5-from-apple-coming-this-fallApple has reportedly told its AppleCare division to expect an eight fold increase of calls on and around this date, with the calls specifically related to iOS.

Now why would there be an influx of calls on a specific date unless Apple were doing something new? Like launching the new iOS 5 and iCloud service. Typically new devices are not released so early in the week, with the iPhone 3 launched on a Friday, and iPhone 4 launched on a Thursday. Earlier in those selected weeks however, we did see iOS upgrades to version 3 and iOS 4 respectively.

Apple have said the iOS update is coming “this fall”, so could October 10th be the day?

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iOS is the safest platform from Malware attacks – at the moment…

August 24th, 2011

McAfee have released figures in their Second Quarter Threats Report detailing that exploits of the Android platform have increased by 76%. Google’s own android platform is the most targeted platform for malware and has had 44 cases discovered and reported in this quarters Threat Report.

Apple’s closed operating system often comes under criticism from android users, but in this case it is clearly the winner! The iOS platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices are – at the moment – very, very secure. However McAfee note that it may only be a case of “when” they will become attacked, rather than “if”. With the vast amount of mobile banking apps and life management tools for the iOS devices should we worry about our data being stolen?

Well Apple have managed to stay malware free for this long, so I don’t think we will have to worry about our devices too soon. At least with regular iOS updates Apple should be able to fend off any serious attacks quite quickly, and with the iOS 5 update coming soon this should keep any loopholes closed for a good amount of time.


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What’s new in iOS 5?

July 12th, 2011

With iOS 5 Beta 3 being released to all Apple developers today I think it’s time for a round up on what we can expect with the release of iOS 5. It is said that iPhone 5 will be released at the same time, but I’m ignoring that rumour mill for the moment as every article I read has different dates in it!

The main features:

Notification Centre – this is essentially a personalised news feed for your device. It can be customised to display things like the weather, emails, texts, and friend requests etc from third party apps. Plus, the notifications won’t interrupt you! No longer will you be typing an email or playing a game and it stops as you get the push notification. Apple have certainly listened to feedback on this one.

iMessage – I think Apple were a bit slow to catch up with this. BBM (BlackBerry Messaging) has been one of the phone’s unique features and now Apple have finally brought this feature to the iPhone / iPad with iMessage. You will be able to send unlimited instant messages to other users and also see whether they have been read or if they are typing a response. Ok so there was “an app for that” previously, but it’s nice to see that Apple have integrated it into their iOS.

Newsstand – this is a folder that displays all your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions all in one place. The new issues / purchases go directly to the folder. Nice and handy!

Reminders – This is a comprehensive “to-do” list, which also allows you to make your reminders location based. So if you are att eh supermarket you know you have to get x, y, and z. The reminders can be synced with Outlook, iCal and iCloud so they will automatically update each other.

Twitter Integration – this goes far far beyond the realms of the standard integration. You can tweet whilst doing nearly any other task on your iPhone / iPad, including the location based tweets. Hopefully for the next update they will include more facebook integration?

Photo editing – you will be able to open the camera directly from the locked screen which will be great to catch those opportune photo moments. You also have some nice features from the standard digital camera i.e. gridlines, ability to crop, enhance, rotate, and remove red eye, among a few others.

PC Free – at last! Your device won’t need to be activated using a PC, which is definitely a major move forward for iPad users.

There are obviously more features than just these but this is more than enough to digest in one go!

Thanks Apple, great updates, but we want it released now please.

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