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New Zealand Police Choose iOS and iPads over Android Alternatives

February 15th, 2013

10,000 iOS devices will be rolled out to New Zealand Police across a three year program which is seeing the police officers adopting both iPhones and iPads as their front line tools.

6,000 of the police will receive iPhones, with 3,800 of them also receiving iPads to work from. The iPhones are for the offices to make calls between each other, sending text messages and accessing emails for which they all need a reliable platform to work from. The iPads will be given to the officers who do more data entry and search online databases for information and photographs which demand using a larger screen.

The iOS platform was tested alongside their Blackberry and Android counterparts and the iPad and iPhone was preferred by the officers, of which 100 formed the test group and trialled the devices over a year. The decision to move to the mobile platform is not one that has been taken lightly and the New Zealand Government and Police Department have spent time and funds researching which platform to opt for.

Of course, the security of the iOS platform in comparison to the Android Operating System clearly has to be a big plus for the NZ Police knowing they can rely on the iOS system. The operating system itself also proves to be more secure with updates and less likely to crash and fail than the rocky Android platform with the Jelly Bean OS.

Which device would you have opted for?

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Tim Cook Speaks at Goldman Sachs Conference

February 13th, 2013

Tim Cook revealed some interesting insights into Apple Inc yesterday speaking at the opening of the Goldman Sachs conference. The CEO of Apple only gave away as much information as he intended to of course, but with open questioning from the audience his responses to some of the questions have got Apple fans excited again!

Where the iPad is concerned, Tim Cook proudly spoke of everything the iPad has achieved across the small number of years since release. The iPad has allowed Apple to make waves into many other markets and lead where others are rapidly trying to follow. When asked whether the iPad has cannibalised the Mac line up Tim Cook responded with confidence, “If we don’t cannibalise, someone else will” was his response. With sales of Mac computers seeing a fall of 17% with the last quarters results, it is clear that there is some degradation happening. He also added, “we don’t really think about it that much”. Last year saw more iPads sold than HP sold of their entire line up of products, which clearly shows that Apple aren’t the company who should be worried about their other products being cannibalised by the iPad.

Cook also added interesting insight to Apple buyers, stating that over 50% of people in countries like China and Brazil who were buying an iPad didn’t already own an Apple product. And Apple know that once a household or person have one Apple product in their life, it opens the door and they usually buy more. If the iPad is giving Apple the open door into people’s homes and lifestyles, it certainly can’t be cannibalising Apple itself, just some of the product line up.

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Even Orangutans Can Use iPads

January 23rd, 2013

Apple have always wanted their products to be used by everyone, all generations, all ages, all abilities. This theme is right at the core of all Apple products and is too true if you have ever seen an infant pick up an iPhone or iPad and play with no instruction.

Of course, this latest news from the Smithsonian National Zoo shows that it isn’t just humans who can use the tablets with ease!

Zookeepers at the Smithsonian National Zoo allow the orangutans time to play with the iPads and a variety of different apps on the tablets. Each iPad is loaded with 10 apps for them to choose from, including drawing and painting games, music creating apps and a few different games. We all know that orangutans are clever and near to human characteristics, so it looks like a want for gadgets hasn’t escaped the primates either!

The keepers at the zoo vary the orangutans days as much as possible, differing their food and play times as well as interacting with them, allowing them access to the iPad for a limited time is another way for them to change their routine. Of course, they aren’t allowed alone time with the iPad and are always pictured using the iPad through a wire fence!

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Vegas Casino’s Use iPads to Get Guests to Spend More

January 14th, 2013

Reported on Cult Of Mac this week is a story illustrating how using an iPad to take drinks orders from guests has improved business for a Las Vegas Casino.

Of course, casino’s are always packed with gamblers wanting to both drink and gamble and have a good time. But ordering drinks is usually left to ladies strutting about on high heels to and from the bar carrying the drinks orders. Not in this casino.

The Rio, located just off the main Las Vegas strip has been using the iPad to take drinks orders from guests who are gambling at the tables or slot machines. The order is then sent directly from the iPad to the bar, where the bartender makes the drink and it then gets delivered to you by a waitress. Of course, there are three people in the chain to collect the drink this time, but rather than the gambler going to get his/her own drink they stay spending at the tables!

The iPad has always been great for portability and this is yet another example of where the iPad and new technology is helping businesses stay on the move.

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Merry Christmas from

December 25th, 2012

We have had a very successful year this last year and would like to thank all our customers for their business. has seen the successful launch of the i370 stand this year and are taking this stand from strength to strength with more updates and enhancements to come.

I hope if you had an i360 stand under the tree this year, or an iPad, you are more than pleased with the gift.

Merry Christmas, and happy new year to all our customers and we look forward to seeing you again in 2013.

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Apple iPad temporarily banned in Germany

November 8th, 2011

Apple fans in Germany have been left disappointed after a regional court temporarily banned the sale and marketing of iPads and iPhones in the country.

The ruling was given on Friday (4th Nov) following a suit brought about by technology company Motorola. The Illinois-based firm claims the Apple mobile devices infringe on their existing patents related to wireless technology. (more…)

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Report reveals iPads make students perform better than their peers

September 19th, 2011

ipad in universitiesAbilene Christian University in America have been researching heavily into mobile devices on student learning, with the research taking place over more than three years. The results have been previewed by TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) and all the results are said to be “uniformly positive”.

The iPad specific results show that the iPads are enabling students to react as soon as they think, with students who are annotating text on the devices scoring 25% higher in test specific to the subject than paper-based peers. Great results for the iPad, the students, and Apple as a whole.

Across America students are looking into ways of bringing the iPad into the classroom and with results such as the above coming to light, these programs will become more and more.

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Samsung Tablet is Permanently Banned in Germany

September 12th, 2011

ipad vs galaxy tabAfter yet another on-going court battle between Apple and Samsung, it is clear that Apple have won this fight after a judge’s decision on Friday to completely stop sales of the Galaxy Tab in Germany.

The judge in charge of the case, Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said that “the crucial issue was whether the Galaxy Tablet looked like the drawings registered” by Apple. And whilst other tablet designs are possible, the judge ruled that the Galaxy Tab design was too similar to the registered designs and has now permanently banned sales of the Samsung device.

Of course Samsung are going to appeal against the ruling (what have they got to lose?). They say the German courts decision “severely limits consumer choice” and restricts design progress within the industry. The court battle here has nothing to do with Patents for the device, we’re sure that would have been Apple’s next plan of attack if this one had failed.

Next up are the courts decisions for the same battle in Australia and Japan, with the Australian decision due later this month.

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How the iPad changed the Tablet Market

August 23rd, 2011

tablet computers before the ipadI’ve seen this image across a few website recently and wanted to share it. It is visual proof that the iPad revolutionised the tablet computer market – definitely for the better.

Apple seem to be suing different tablet manufacturers every day recently with evidence that they have copied their designs, patents, ideas, components, anything and everything that makes the iPad unique. Well from looking at the image from Obama Pacman it seems to show very clearly how the other manufacturers have made changes to their devices to follow the lead from Apple and yet they are all denying it (and some getting away with it). If any court looked at the image I’m sure all the decisions would swing in Apple’s favour.

We must remember how long Apple were working on the iPad before it came to market. How many hours’ worth of testing and development have gone into the device before we saw it? How long did Steve Jobs himself vigorously scrutinise the usability of the iPad to make it what it is today?

All of this encompassed into one shows why the iPad is the success that it is, and why the other tablet manufacturers have some way to go to try and catch up.

What do you think of the “evidence”?

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What would it be like with iPads for a head?

August 2nd, 2011

iPad Headgear for Cosmo for Guys marketing campaign

Well the people at Hearst have launched a marketing campaign to show us exactly that.

The video is designed to advertise the new Cosmo for Guys iPad only magazine, with the meaning being that you can see into a girls mind via the app. At the end of the video a man sits down next to her and uses the iPad to view the iPad magazine.

Though the girl couldn’t see out through the iPad head gear, she had a secret hidden camera in her purse which was linked to a pair of glasses to make sure she didn’t fall and damage any of the expensive kit (or herself, of course!)

I’m not sure the fashion trend will catch on though?


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