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iPad Used as a Passport To Cross Between America and Canada

January 5th, 2012

Sounds unusual doesn’t it? And not like something you would want to think of happening. But a Canadian man showed customs a scan of his passport stored on his iPad – and they allowed him to cross the border.

The iPad being the perfect portable device, and allowing the customs agent to see the scan of the passport in a high quality image (even larger than the actual passport itself) may be what won the agent over. Scans, photocopies or digital copies of such materials have never in the past been allowed to serve as sufficient proof of identification and have as such been turned away. I’m sure customs agents have seen it all before!

Some blog sites are reporting that the traveller had both his birth certificate and his driving license with him and that was what the customs agent deemed as good enough identification to cross the border… but I still like to think it was the iPad that swung it!

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iPad Still Preferred to Other Tablets, at a 3-1 Ratio!

November 22nd, 2011

ipad 2ChangeWave have surveyed consumers this coming holiday season and their demand for tablet devices. Whilst the Kindle Fire is being delivered to waiting customers in America, people still have the iPad as top of their Christmas list, at an astonishing 3-1 ratio over the Kindle Fire.

The report shows that the Apple iPad is still maintaining its lead at the top of the table and is still the most demanded consumer tablet. But… the report shows that the Kindle Fire is the nearest tablet to give it even the slightest bit of competition. It appears the Kindle Fire tablet is eating into demand for other Android Tablets, and is definitely not a competitor for the iPad.

Both consumers and businesses alike are beginning to accept the Kindle Fire as a tablet on its own, not an iPad alternative. With so many more “cheaper” tablet devices coming onto the market soon, I’m sure the Kindle Fire will top the demand for this market, but the iPad will still be the iPad.

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NFL Replace Playbooks with iPads

October 19th, 2011

ipad uses(No – we’re not talking replacing the Blackberry Playbook). NFL teams are replacing the hard copy playbook they have as a reference guide with iPads.

The reason for the introduction is clear – and comparable to business reasons for introducing the iPad. Firstly – any documents can be centrally updated rather than printed and swapped over. Secondly, more importantly for the NFL teams – they can access a database of film and video clips of previous games and plays as a reference guide. The teams have also put the play calendar on the iPads along with nutrition and fitness guides.

One player from the Baltimore Ravens love’s using the iPad compared to the playbook. Well, who wouldn’t?

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Cruise Ship offers iPads to passengers in luxury suites

September 23rd, 2011

ipads on cruise shipsNot quite bringing the iPad to the masses on the cruise ships just yet, but the Regent Seven Seas Cruises ship which accommodates 700 passengers are now providing iPads to all passengers in the higher category, luxury apartments.

One of the cruise liners trips goes around the Glaciers, and I can only imagine “there’s an app for that”!

So we now have iPads on planes, iPads on cruise liners, do you think we will see iPads in taxi’s? or at least iPads in limousines for starters?


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Mass of iPads stolen from Best Buy USA, in 60 seconds

September 13th, 2011

The unlucky Best Buy store in Florida, USA, was broken into early Monday morning with $60,000 in iPads stolen from the store.

The surveillance video shows the three people took just a minute to grab and steal the iPads from the store, putting approx. 60-90 iPads into a black bin for a quick getaway.

Hopefully Best Buy have registered all the serial numbers of the stolen devices with Apple but unfortunately, I don’t think it will stop them making it onto ebay.

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Shop window display featuring 64 iPads – that’s something we’d like to see

September 8th, 2011

Saks window display comprising of 64 iPad 2'sUnfortunately, (or not) it means a trip to The Saks 5th Avenue store in New York.

To celebrate Fashions Night Out, the New York store (in conjunction with has created interactive window displays in each of the stores 3 windows. The main window features 64 iPads as the display, with them all being linked together to control the video distribution across all 64 screens. In the two side windows the displays comprise of 6 27” Mac cinema screens, again with video being distributed across all 9 screens in each separate display.

The displays are not only displaying original imagery from the websites, they are also part of a social media experiment with users being able to submit photographs, imagery and messages to the screens via the Twitter network using a special hash-tag set up for the event.

What would you send in to the iPad display?

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Apple ordering 20 Million iPad 2’s to ship before the end of September

September 2nd, 2011

i pad 2 sales to increaseYes, that is a lot of iPad 2’s!

Last quarter Apple sold 9.25 million iPad 2 tablets, so the anticipated increase would mean a near 76% increase on shipping figures for the first half of the year.

We know Apple keep very tight control over their inventory so if they are ordering 20 million iPads, they are expecting to sell at least 75% of them in the next quarter. Of course, this includes the Christmas period where sales are going to be at their highest.

Apple executives have said that iPad sales have been only limited because of their limited supply, let’s hope that the 20 million units on order will mean that the demand is finally met!

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Shopping Trolleys with an integrated iPad?

August 31st, 2011

Sounds a bit bizarre but they are actually on trial at a Sainsburys supermarket here in the UK.

The high-tech trolley will be equipped with a tilting iPad holder and speakers, and the front bumper of the trolley fitted with a proximity sensor to alert any shopper too engrossed in the iPad that they are about to collide with another customer. The trolleys also have an on-board battery and solar panel to make sure the iPad stays charged. Unfortunately, the trolleys don’t come ready equipped with the iPads, you have to provide that part yourself.

The trolleys have been developed by the TV broadcaster Sky to advertise their Sky Go service, where iPad users can watch live sport or news on the tablet device whilst on the move.

Whist the iPad trolley is only on trial in the Cromwell Road branch of Sainsburys in Kensington, the supermarket could look to roll this out across other stores if it is successful.

Would an iPad trolley make you shop at your local Sainsburys?

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iPad’s are now being used as flight manuals throughout United Airlines planes

August 24th, 2011

iPads being used by United Airlines PilotsLast month we saw the beginning in the introduction of iPads being used to contain important materials for the pilot when flying a plane. This documentation included flight manuals, charts, handbooks, checklists, log books to include but a few.

Now United Airlines are carrying the same new technology across to the cockpit and have ordered 11,000 iPads for their pilots and their planes. The 1.5lb iPads are said to be replacing 38lb of paper, which is the equivalent of 12,000 sheets of paper per pilot, which saves 1,900 trees per year – quite an astonishing figure!

The introduction of the iPads will also help when updating the manuals. Rather than having to reprint sections of the manuals they can now be updated from the central database and the updates sent out to the iPads.

Where do you think iPads will be introduced next?

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How the iPad changed the Tablet Market

August 23rd, 2011

tablet computers before the ipadI’ve seen this image across a few website recently and wanted to share it. It is visual proof that the iPad revolutionised the tablet computer market – definitely for the better.

Apple seem to be suing different tablet manufacturers every day recently with evidence that they have copied their designs, patents, ideas, components, anything and everything that makes the iPad unique. Well from looking at the image from Obama Pacman it seems to show very clearly how the other manufacturers have made changes to their devices to follow the lead from Apple and yet they are all denying it (and some getting away with it). If any court looked at the image I’m sure all the decisions would swing in Apple’s favour.

We must remember how long Apple were working on the iPad before it came to market. How many hours’ worth of testing and development have gone into the device before we saw it? How long did Steve Jobs himself vigorously scrutinise the usability of the iPad to make it what it is today?

All of this encompassed into one shows why the iPad is the success that it is, and why the other tablet manufacturers have some way to go to try and catch up.

What do you think of the “evidence”?

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