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Apple Store updates iPad 2 shopping for US and UK customers

September 9th, 2011

No new device for the Apple Store closure… Well it was a bit of a stretch of the imagination to expect a new device without any announcement from Apple, surely they want to give Tim Cook a shot at the keynote speech and allow him to take the lead.

Apple have updated the store when you purchase an iPad 2, with the interface and options you are faced with now streamlining the range and making your selection process really easy. Apple have also cleverly disguised the delivery times, with you having to go through 80% of the checkout process before they will give you a delivery date. Good news when you get there (at the moment), as UK shipping times are now down to 3-5 days for the standard devices.

With rumours of a 3G iPod touch and potentially two new iPhones, have Apple revamped the store ready for these product launches?

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Apple ordering 20 Million iPad 2’s to ship before the end of September

September 2nd, 2011

i pad 2 sales to increaseYes, that is a lot of iPad 2’s!

Last quarter Apple sold 9.25 million iPad 2 tablets, so the anticipated increase would mean a near 76% increase on shipping figures for the first half of the year.

We know Apple keep very tight control over their inventory so if they are ordering 20 million iPads, they are expecting to sell at least 75% of them in the next quarter. Of course, this includes the Christmas period where sales are going to be at their highest.

Apple executives have said that iPad sales have been only limited because of their limited supply, let’s hope that the 20 million units on order will mean that the demand is finally met!

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iPad 2 Shipping dates come down dramatically

August 3rd, 2011

iPad Shipping Times are reduced to 24 hours

iPad 2 Shipping times have now been reduced to just 24 hours for the US market, finally meeting up with the demand for the device. UK shipment times are now at 1-3 business days, but again hoping that this would drop in line to the US market some time soon. 

It is believed that the difficulty of gaining the components from Japan have been the cause of the delay in the manufacturing process for the device, which has had a knock on effect for the availability of the device for the consumers. 

Thankfully it looks like all the problems for the iPad 2 components are now resolved and the problems have diminished. Good timing considering all the rumours for iPad 3 / iPad Pro / iPad HD are expecting a launch date before the end of the year… it would be awful if iPad 2 shipments hadn’t caught up with demand by then!

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iPad 2 Shipping to finally meet demand

July 7th, 2011

iPad 2 Shipping TimesIt is a well known fact that supplies of iPad 2 have not met the demand. Even months after the official launch worldwide people are still restricted to purchasing a maximum of two units at a time, adn shipping times online are 1-2 weeks, a long time to wait for the much anticipated piece of kit.

This is set to change now reports have come from Apple’s supply chain saying that they are bulding and shipping 5 million iPad 2 units this month. With shipments for last month nearing 5 millon hopefully things have turned around for Apple’s suppliers and everything is back to normal working order.

It also suggests the market is still very hungry for iPad 2… despite all the rumours of iPad 2.5 / iPad 3.

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