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iPad 2 Stand

September 27th, 2012

ipad 2 stands

The Apple iPad 2 Stand from Intelligent Touch is a uniquely designed iPad Stand especially for the Apple iPad 2.

The iPad 2 tablet from Apple, launched in 2011, is the slimmest iPad on the market. Even the New iPad from Apple released in 2012 isn’t as thin as the second generation tablet. Therefore, the slim tablet needs it’s own support to hold the device.

The part of the iPad stand that grips the iPad, the “claw”, has individual design features that cater specifically for the tablet. The protective gripping corners, called TPE grips, are designed so that the iPad can be inserted and removed from the claw an infinite number of times without marking or damaging the iPad.

The claw also provides additional protection for the iPad 2 tablet by way of supportive foam pads on the back of the claw where these help to disperse any “wobble” that may occur when typing or pressing the screen of the tablet.

Take a look at the i360 store pages and you can see the detail of the stand for the iPad 2.

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iPad 2 Stands

August 23rd, 2012

ipad stands for apple ipad 2

With the Apple iPad 2 tablet remaining on sale long after the introduction of the New iPad, sales for iPad 2 stands have remained high, yet some manufacturers have been dropping them from their stores? Certainly not here at Intelligent Touch, where our iPad 2 stand is also compatible with the New iPad or iPad 3.

Each of the claws for the i360 stands are dedicated to each generation of the iPad. The original i360 stand for the first generation of the Apple iPad has a larger claw than the other generations, as the iPad is clearly larger and heavier than the iPad 2 or i Pad 3, therefore the ipad stands for these tablets are different!

The minimal size difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 means that the current i360 ipad 2 stands are more than fit for purpose for the New Apple iPad; in fact, they are a superb fit. The 0.6mm difference in depth of the device is hardly noticable to the eye and the i360 stand accommodates for this small difference in the stands with no lapse in security or safety of your tablet when held in the iPad stands.

Take a look at the store pages and you can see the design of the claw – which makes sure your iPad is held safely in the stands.

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Are You Getting “iPad Shoulder”?

January 31st, 2012

ipad stand to prevent getting ipad shoulderNew research coming from Harvard School of Public Health shows that people with Tablet Computers such as the iPad could be getting a condition now called “iPad Shoulder”.

This is a pain in the back of the neck and top of the shoulders that is caused from holding the device in awkward positions for prolonged periods of time. Most people use the iPad on their lap or at a low angle causing pressure on the joints in the back of the neck by continuously looking downwards.

The key to avoiding iPad Shoulder – avoid staying in the same position for too long.

Or – the i360 stand could solve your problems. The Harvard School recommend that you keep the iPad in a neither vertical nor lay flat position, the ideal is somewhere in the middle. The i360 allows you to tilt the screen from vertical to flat with a range of 90 degrees, so the iPad can stay at the “in between” angle suggested to avoid iPad shoulder. What’s more – the i360 also incorporates many more ranges of movement to ensure you get the perfect viewing position every time.

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iPad Stands from

January 16th, 2012

ipad stands from Intelligent Touch we stock a range of our own designs of iPad stands. Whether it be for the original iPad, the later iPad 2 or the new and upcoming iPad 3 / iPad 2 HD / iPad 2S or whatever Apple call it!

Our own i360 range of iPad stands are jam packed with individual features making the stand completely unique and clearly the best on the market. One of the main features is that we have in-built an upgrade path to allow you to cost effectively upgrade the stand from iPad 1, to iPad 2, to the next generation of iPad by simply replacing the iPad claw!

Our stand isn’t a “one fits all” approach: we want to make sure you get the best security from the best stand, therefore each “claw” is completely dedicated to each model of iPad to make sure the iPad is firmly gripped and held in place, whichever generation of iPad you have.

We also have a separate range of secure, lockable iPad stands and accessories. With the market ever changing and the need for such high value items to be “locked down”, we have designed the i370 Lockdown secure iPad stands. This range of stands holds an iPad securely in place within the i370 stand meaning the iPad can only be removed from the stand with a key.

Take a look at the store pages of the site here.

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iPad 2 Stands – the Best Stands for your iPad

January 11th, 2012

ipad 2 standsThe iPad 2 has been designed for both work and play for everyone. It is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. The market is awash with accessories for the iPad 2, making sure it stays protected when you are out and about with cases, covers, protectors etc.

At Intelligent Touch, we saw the potential for the iPad to be housed in a stand to make it easier to use, and we’re sure we have created one of the best stands on the market, if not the best.

Our iPad 2 Stand, the i360 Stand, was designed to complement all the great features of the iPad and not become just another accessory, but actually be integrated into how people use the iPad. We think the i360 not only complements the look of the iPad 2 itself, but actually enhances it.

The main armature of the i360 has been designed so you can rotate the iPad through 360 degrees, along with tilting the screen up to 90 degrees, both to make sure you get the perfect viewing angle for the iPad 2 when housed in the stand.

We have also hidden discreetly within the base a wall mount facility so that the iPad can be securely positioned on the wall if you wanted to view the iPad at higher levels. Not a feature that everybody will use but certainly something that once the opportunity is presented to you will become a great addition.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here and see the video’s highlighting the features of the stand.


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