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February 5th, 2013

We all used to seeing on adverts a message “Available on the App Store”, accompanied by the usual Apple logo (and more recently a Google Play logo). Now this looks set to change as Apple have started offering links to major developers and apps.

Of course the traditional logo on the advert means that you have to remember the title of what you were planning on looking for and get the name in the search pretty near perfect to find the result and app you want. There are that many different imitation apps with similar names that this can be quite difficult for more popular titles.

Now with links you can go direct to the app you’re looking for, and the App Store and Apple will automatically change it to link to the correct App Store for your location. Entering the url into a standard internet browser on a computer (not mobile device) will link you straight into iTunes where you can download the app and sync to your devices. Of course entering the link on a mobile or iOS device will give you the option to buy and download straight away from the mobile app store.

The links are also available for Mac Apps, by adding the url extension Mac – is the link for these.

A great move for both developers and users, thanks Apple.

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Even Orangutans Can Use iPads

January 23rd, 2013

Apple have always wanted their products to be used by everyone, all generations, all ages, all abilities. This theme is right at the core of all Apple products and is too true if you have ever seen an infant pick up an iPhone or iPad and play with no instruction.

Of course, this latest news from the Smithsonian National Zoo shows that it isn’t just humans who can use the tablets with ease!

Zookeepers at the Smithsonian National Zoo allow the orangutans time to play with the iPads and a variety of different apps on the tablets. Each iPad is loaded with 10 apps for them to choose from, including drawing and painting games, music creating apps and a few different games. We all know that orangutans are clever and near to human characteristics, so it looks like a want for gadgets hasn’t escaped the primates either!

The keepers at the zoo vary the orangutans days as much as possible, differing their food and play times as well as interacting with them, allowing them access to the iPad for a limited time is another way for them to change their routine. Of course, they aren’t allowed alone time with the iPad and are always pictured using the iPad through a wire fence!

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Fisher Price use iPads for Augmented Reality for Children

January 10th, 2013

Children are the focus of a lot of attention at CES this week with more and more gadgets being introduced for the younger generations.

The latest offering from Fisher Price transforms the iPad into an Augmented Reality toy for preschool children, and combines a case for the iPad with toy figures and a range of apps.

The cases are a robust design – ensuring that the precious tablet will stay safe with even the most “carried away” children when playing their games. The Imaginext Apptivity Fortress allows kids to control a range of characters including a plastic knight and a cannon by putting them onto the screen of the tablet. Once each playing character or piece is on the screen the iPad recognises which this is and allows the child to control this character in the game from moving the figure on the iPad screen.

The second style case, the Create and Learn case, is designed for children aged 3+ and as the name says, engages children in learning using the iPad and augmented reality apps. The case comes with a set of alphabetised cards which once shown in front of the iPad camera transform into augmented reality games for the children.

The Create and Learn app sounds interesting for adults too and a great concept. The Apps aren’t available in the app store yet but from the glowing reports this product has seen at CES we don’t expect to be waiting too long for an official launch.

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Are Apple Working on a Physical Controller for iOS?

April 2nd, 2012

With mobile gaming and the App Store increasing at such a vast rate, it is no great news breakthrough to hear that some of the big game manufacturers including Nintendo say they are suffering because of iOS gamers.

The Apple App Store goes from strength to strength with every new app release. Many of the big games manufacturers including EA Games and Ubisoft are creating great apps for the app store and pulling in great profits.

But what us stopping taking gaming on iOS devices to the next level? Many believe the lack of a physical controller could be what is putting the real hard-core gamers off. To fix this, Apple are rumoured to be looking into a physical controller to attach or interact with the device to give the user complete feedback when pressing ‘buttons’. For Apple, who have rarely provided such accessories for devices, this could be a rumour just a bridge too far. On the other hand as the mobile gaming market develops and competition competition comes into the mix every day, including the PS Vita to name one, this could be something Apple are seriously considering.

Woukd you buy a peripheral controller for your iOS gaming?

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Play Glass Pong with your iPad and the i360 Stand

November 14th, 2011

glass pong for the ipad and iphoneGlass Pong has been rapidly increasing its popularity ever since its arrival in the App Store. Now you can play Glass Pong on your iPad with the i360 Stand!

The “flick” motion needed to travel the ball is easy with the i360 Stand, just tilt the iPad back and forth in the stand – it will tilt up to 90°! And all the while your iPad is safe in the stand.

Take a look at the i360 Store pages here and pick the stand suited for you.


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Assassin’s Creed is coming to the iPad

October 31st, 2011

The title is native to the Sony Playstation and was one of the big release games to be launched with the PS3, and now a variation of the bestselling title is coming to the iPad.

The title is usually a free-roaming game, with what seems endless ancient cities to explore and “roam”. The new version for the iPad is said to be based on a board game concept, with gameplay lasting a hefty 10 hours – a good amount of gameplay for an app!

The app will be made by the same studio as the game, so expect great graphics and great gameplay.

And what a great game to play with the i360 stand!

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Orangutans are now using iPads, and it is all because of The Sun Newspaper

August 15th, 2011

orangutans using ipadsYes, it is a true story.

Orangutans at Milwaukee County Zoo have been given the use of iPads for games, video’s, and playing apps. They are given three of four 20 minute time slots per week with the iPad, but are never left unsupervised with the device as they could snap it as easily as we could bend a piece of cardboard!

The idea was ran in the sun as an April Fools story earlier this year, only to be seen by a friend of the orangutans keeper, who then set up the iPad Enrichment program along with his friend. The orangutans are said to play a range of apps and games on the tablet, with their favourite being finger painting and fishing. They also love facetime, looking at themselves and other orangutans using the camera and video functions.

Orangutans need a great deal of mental stimulation which makes the iPad perfect for them to play with, it prevents them from getting bored or depressed by keeping them and their mind occupied. The zoo keeper even has ideas of scaling this across a number of zoo’s, with orangutans competing against each other and communicating with each other through the video functions. He even goes as far as to suggest the general public downloading the same apps as the orangutans and competing against them online… a bit bizarre maybe but certainly not out of reach!

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What would it be like with iPads for a head?

August 2nd, 2011

iPad Headgear for Cosmo for Guys marketing campaign

Well the people at Hearst have launched a marketing campaign to show us exactly that.

The video is designed to advertise the new Cosmo for Guys iPad only magazine, with the meaning being that you can see into a girls mind via the app. At the end of the video a man sits down next to her and uses the iPad to view the iPad magazine.

Though the girl couldn’t see out through the iPad head gear, she had a secret hidden camera in her purse which was linked to a pair of glasses to make sure she didn’t fall and damage any of the expensive kit (or herself, of course!)

I’m not sure the fashion trend will catch on though?


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App developers prefer iOS over Android

July 15th, 2011

Developers prefer iOS over Android

Apple still have a hold over third-party mobile developers according to a report produced by Flurry. From looking at 20,000 Flurry Apps added from January to June 2011, Apple and iOS have yet again increased their margin over Android. Averaged out, from every 10 apps that are produced, 7 are for iOS devices and 3 are for Android.

Developers are not willing to turn all their efforts to android devices and applications yet. This is mainly because of the uncertainty over the operating system and the competing storefronts for the applications, all of which is a definite safe bet for Apple developers.

Android devices will keep coming, with more and more manufacturers wanting a chunk of the Apple pie. The manufacturers just need to get the tablets to sell. But with a minimum amount of apps available to Android devices competing against Apple’s 425,00 , it’s definitely a vicious circle.

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