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Shopping Trolleys with an integrated iPad?

August 31st, 2011

Sounds a bit bizarre but they are actually on trial at a Sainsburys supermarket here in the UK.

The high-tech trolley will be equipped with a tilting iPad holder and speakers, and the front bumper of the trolley fitted with a proximity sensor to alert any shopper too engrossed in the iPad that they are about to collide with another customer. The trolleys also have an on-board battery and solar panel to make sure the iPad stays charged. Unfortunately, the trolleys don’t come ready equipped with the iPads, you have to provide that part yourself.

The trolleys have been developed by the TV broadcaster Sky to advertise their Sky Go service, where iPad users can watch live sport or news on the tablet device whilst on the move.

Whist the iPad trolley is only on trial in the Cromwell Road branch of Sainsburys in Kensington, the supermarket could look to roll this out across other stores if it is successful.

Would an iPad trolley make you shop at your local Sainsburys?

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