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LinkedIn Employees Given iPad Mini’s

February 14th, 2013

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, has rewarded his 3,500 employees for great year-on-year results by giving each of them an iPad Mini. The company didn’t opt for the basic model either and spent an extra $350,000 on upgrading each of the iPads to the 32GB version.

The company has seen great success comparing 2011 to 2012, and with the last quarter for the company seeing an increase of 81% growth year on year and earning $303 million in revenue, they have a lot to celebrate!

The employees were all surprised at their biweekly meeting when they were given the iPad Mini as a gesture of thanks for all their hard work in pushing the company forwards.

I’m sure many other employees wish their employers would think the same! We all just have to help to increase our companies revenue by 81% year on year… and have very generous CEO’s!

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iPad Mini Event in October?

August 28th, 2012

As the world is expecting an announcement on the iPad Mini from Apple on September 12th, along with the new iPhone announcement, AllThingsD throw a spanner into the works to announce that the iPad Mini will be announced in October.

Of course, AllThingsD do have a good track record with Apple announcements and appear to be very “close” to the information coming from the Cupertino Campus. But… we are still none the wiser with reports from Apple on whether they will be making an iPad mini, never mind when it will be released!

Apple always keep this kind of information very close to their chest and are well known for being one of the most secretive tech companies in the world, so for us to hear no news of an iPad mini or another iPad coming from San Francisco is no different to any other product launch from the company. However, with every other tech company in the world (it seems) beginning to take on Apple in the tablet market, you would think the company would make waves, or some small noise, that they will be planning to fight the competition with a smaller, lower priced device. As many people are also looking to the fall to start planning their Christmas purchases, Apple need to get their announcement in quick before people plum for a tablet from someone else.

When do you think we will hear the announcement? September 12th is only a couple of weeks away now…

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iPad Mini – Will They or Won’t They?

July 3rd, 2012

I for one am completely sick of iPad Mini rumours… one minute it’s a sure fire thing and the next it has faded into insignificance. However, iPad mini rumours are hotting up again since the announcement of the Nexus 7 from Google, yet another company who are trying to fight back against the iPad with the launch of a smaller, more “cost effective” tablet.

The Nexus 7 promises a great deal, I am reminded of the Kindle Fire launch where Amazon also promised a great deal, however nothing has even mildly dented the sales and appeal of the Apple iPad. Apple weren’t worried, and neither should they have been. However, are Apple worried about the Nexus 7 and therefore launching a 7″ or 8″ tablet to compensate?

Steve Jobs was always confident that the 9.7″ screen size of the iPad was perfect and therefore it has been a fundamental feature of the iPad which hasn’t changed over the three generations of device. Also with the iPad 2 remaining on sale at a reduced price alongside the New iPad, does that give Apple reason or a need to introduce a lower priced tablet?

I welcome your thoughts!

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Are Apple Releasing an iPad Mini?

April 17th, 2012

The rumour hitting all Apple blog sites this week is the question whether Apple are going to release a 7.85″ iPad Mini.

The current 10.1 inch tablet is in prime position at the top of the tablet market, with all other tablets falling massively behind! The screen size is a great positive attribute to the device, and now with the latest launch of the New iPad and the glossy, retina display screen Apple appear to have the whole market to themselves.

However, Samsung and Microsoft are both battling away trying to topple Apple off their pedestal. Microsoft yet to take the leap into the tablet market are expected to release their first design later this year, running the new platform of Windows 8. Samsung have always been nipping at the heels of Apple with their Galaxy Tab releases but law suits and sales restrictions have meant that their tablet has never really took off.

So how viable is a 7.85″ screen for the iPad? John Gruber of Daring Fireball has seemingly confirmed that there is an iPad Mini in existence in Apple’s factories as a prototype unit, and NetEase (Japanese blog site) claim the tablet is already in production and will be released in the fall of 2012. But it seems that all these blog sites are forgetting that even though Steve Jobs is no longer here, he was completely against a smaller tablet than the iPad. The 10.1″ screen for all the current iPads has no doubt been selected from a range of sizes all tried and tested by Steve himself.

How likely do you think an iPad Mini is?

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Could the next iPad have a 7” display?

November 16th, 2011

Reported yesterday in the Korea Times, an “industry insider” has said that Apple are working on a 7” iPad mini alongside a 4” display for the iPhone. Apple are said to be meeting with the display providers, LG, to discuss the new screens along with other proposed screens for iOS devices.

Although the news is merely hearsay at the moment, it isn’t a too far-fetched idea that Apple would look to create an iPad mini and a larger screen for the iPhone. However I think we can expect these new products to be further down the line than some would imagine. I certainly don’t think the new 7” tablet reported will be the iPad 3 everyone is expecting in Spring 2012.

Would you buy a 7” iPad Mini?


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