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A New Tablet? An iPad Rival? From Soulja Boy?

July 30th, 2012

Yes, you did read the title of the post correctly.

US Rapper Soulja Boy has worked with tech company Tokova to develop a 7inch tablet device, titled the “Tiger Shark Soulja Boy Edition”.

The ridiculously named tablet is running the latest Android operating system (again, the naming of the Android Operating systems still confuses me… Ice Cream Sandwich? Jelly Bean?) which you would hope would make the tablet more affordable than the Apple/Jobs/Ive designed device. However, the retail price for the tablet is $599, which happens to be the same price as an iPad. Would you rather have a 7″ tablet from Soulja Boy? Or a 9.7″ tablet from Apple?

The simple design of the device does look similar to the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tablets? Do we think there may be another court case for copying on the horizon, or do you think Apple and Samsung may not bother such a small company with such a small projected number of sales (!).

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More Rumours on the Microsoft Tablet – Is an Announcement Due Soon?

June 16th, 2012

More rumours have been released this week surrounding the Microsoft Tablet.

We have been expecting a tablet from the company behind the PC software company for some time as they have sat back and watched so many other manufacturers try and fail to topple Apple’s lead in the market. Both HP and Acer run Microsoft Windows and Office on their own manufactured PC’s, and yet both have failed to make any waves with their past entries into the Tablet market.

What has made Microsoft change their strategy from Software provider to device manufacturer? Surely when you are as successful as Microsoft at providing the operating system that most of the world uses you can partner with a great manufacturer and not have to do it yourself? Google are making ‘ripples’ at this stage ready for their leap into the tablet market and have had a huge head start with their acquisition of Motorola last year and their accompanying patents. I’m sure what they have on the cards will be an interesting sight.

Who will be first? AllThingsD are reporting an announcement from Microsoft due on Monday, with their sources often being reliable, but we will just have to wait and see…

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Are Dell Re-entering the Tablet Market to Compete with Apple?

January 12th, 2012

Dell’s Chief Commercial Officer Steve Felice has been taking to Reuters, saying they are going to re-enter the tablet market.

He comments that they are being really careful about how they re-enter. After watching both the Playbook and the HP TouchPad fall by the wayside they don’t want to be yet another tablet on the market that comes and goes so quickly. Even seen previously with their Dell Streak tablet, sales and interest has never really taken off. Felice also comments how that compared to computers people care about the overall package more when it comes to tablets, not just the hardware inside.

Maybe Dell are starting to see what the other manufacturers haven’t, that the operating system for the device controls how people will use it. The iPad of course has iOS and the App Store behind them, making sure that all the latest content and games are always created for the App Store and users will never be left behind or forgotten about. Same goes with the Amazon Kindle Fire, the device is supported by the ever expanding range of content available on the giant companies website.

Would Dell jump to creating a windows driven tablet or stick with the android offering? Windows are said to be launching into the market with a tablet and new software, could Dell provide the hardware for such a pairing? We wait to see…

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Why did Microsoft’s Tablet Never Make it to Market?

November 2nd, 2011 have information to suggest the Microsoft Courier tablet was axed because it didn’t run outlook or have any email capability – other than web based email.

The initial design for the tablet revealed a book like appearance, with dual screens and a stylus to operate the device. The tablet wasn’t meant to replace PC’s, more work hand in hand with them and be at the fore-front of the creation. It was pictured to be used by writers who wanted to jot their thoughts down quickly, or for architects out on site to make notes and sketches.

It is reported that Bill Gates stopped the project because of the outlook/email problem, and as seen with the decline of the Blackberry playbook because it has no email capability – he was wise to.

How long do you think it will be before we see a Windows Tablet?

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Amazon look to launch their iPad Rival on 28th September

September 26th, 2011

new amazon tabletAmazon are sending out invites to a press event on 28th September, but no one is 100% sure what the event is for.

We have heard rumours of Amazon launching a budget/entry level 7” tablet device, their “new” version of the Kindle, could this be the unveiling of the device? It would certainly be great timing with the launch just in time for the holiday season and to be on the top of shopping lists.

Will the tablet be an iPad rival, or just another Kindle? Reports have previously said Amazon are expecting to sell 2 million of their new tablet by the end of the year, so we have high hopes of someone finally bringing competition to Apple and the iPad and making them work a little harder for their market share.

We eagerly wait for Wednesday’s news…

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Lenovo are launching a tablet that they think will bring competition to Apple

August 23rd, 2011

Lenovo ideapad k1 new tablet deviceYet again this is another story of a PC manufacturer trying to bring competition to Apple. I admire their optimism, I really do.

With the discontinued HP tablet this weekend selling out in US stores – at the $99 price tag – this can lead you to one of two conclusions; either that people love a bargain, or that there is a definite market out there for a “cheaper” tablet device that will bring some competition to Apple. Lenovo’s latest tablet device, the IdeaPad K1, is said to be covering this mid and lower range of the tablet market. Their reasoning for this is that Apple have the top end of the market completely covered in their opinion… well I think they have the whole market covered at the moment.

As we have seen with other tablets – the operating system and the apps are one of the main reasons people aren’t buying the devices. Which developers will spend their time and money in developing apps for devices which are being discontinued and thrown out of the window a mere matter of months later? For developers to design for iOS, they know they have a future and a great platform for their work.

We just need someone to take the plunge first… but in these uneasy financial times I’m not sure who is brave enough. Will Lenovo be the person to do it?

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