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Landscape iPad Stand

February 11th, 2013

With more and more apps now being developed in the landscape orientation for the iPad – taking full advantage of the 9.7inch screen, more and more people are looking for the flexibility to make their iPad stand landscape. However, the landscape orientation and positioning does prove a problem for some of the iPad stands on the market, making them hugely oversized or simply not stable enough to support the weight and use of the iPad in this position.

Not the i360 stand.

Early on in the design of the i360 iPad stand Intelligent Touch recognised the need to be able to switch the iPad between landscape and portrait mode for the hugely growing range of apps available for the tablet. Each app is designed to suit purpose and Apple allow developers the means to be able to design in portrait or landscape mode, or both. However, for many iPad stands on the market switching orientation of the tablet causes the stand to not be stable and working on the iPad where you need to tap on the screen in the landscape orientation would simply topple the stand over.

Just simply take a look at the demonstration videos of the i360 stand in action and you will see how easy it is to operate in landscape or portrait mode, or anything in between.

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Rotating iPad Stand

January 5th, 2013

You would think a rotating iPad stand would be something easily found? Well, unless you are looking at the i360 stand you would be wrong. The i360 is completely unique in its rotating ability, and the stand rotates on two different axis, allowing you to completely change the viewing angle and position of the iPad beyond belief, giving the user ultimate flexibility when using the i360 iPad stand.

The 360 degree rotation of the screen allows you to change the iPad easily from portrait to landscape and any angle in between. You don’t have to physically pickup the device and move it into the next position, a simple rotation of the screen will move the iPad into another position for you.

Of course, the rotation at the base is also very useful, allowing you to fix the base to a surface and move the viewing direction and angle of the iPad into a completely different position. Gone are the days where you had to all crowd around the screen in the same position.

This additional rotational ability at the base of the stand also adds an extra dimension if you were wall mounting the i360 stand, and the rotation of the screen or the base give you the ultimate in flexibility for all display positions.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here and see the videos showing the unique rotation.

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Stand for iPad

June 22nd, 2012

Here at we do exactly what it says on the tin – iPad Stands. We are proud to be the manufacturers and distributors of our very own i360 iPad Stand that is approved as a 3rd Party Accessory by Apple Store UK.

The i360 Stand for the iPad, iPad 2 and New iPad is a truly unique product (more…)

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New iPad Stand

June 17th, 2012

The New iPad before its release was called by many the “iPad Pro”. This reflects its improved features and shows how the iPad is adaptable for business use. The new retina display on the device is perfect for use with the growing range of design and CAD apps for the iPad, incuding releases from Autodesk who are the creators behind AutoCAD and 3DS Max. The i360 Stand is a great all round stand for the iPad and will perfectly compliment the design and aesthetics of the design of the iPad.

Not forgetting home use, the iPad is a fantastic tool for all around the house. The great portability of the device means that everyone can use the tablet in any room of the house, whether it be to watch television in the bedroom or to help children with their homework in the dining room. The i360 new iPad stand accompanies all of these uses and will keep the iPad safe and secure between room to room.

Click here to be taken to the store pages.

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Intelligent Touch i360 Stand – Buy it here from

January 4th, 2012

The Intelligent Touch i360 Stand is the most desired iPad stand around. The i360 provides a stand like no other, with a unique spectrum of movement making the iPad stand become part of your iPad, not just another accessory.

The stand can be used in a variety of situations whether it be in the office or at home in the kitchen, living room or even dining room. The i360 also provides a wall mountable solution, if in the kitchen or the office worktop space is limited, the iPad will be securely housed within the i360 stand on the wall using the wall mount facility in the base.

The design team at Intelligent Touch when coming up with the concept for the i360 wanted it to make sure it wasn’t restrictive; therefore the team have built in an upgrade solution making sure the main body of the stand will be compatible with any future release of iPad. The “claw” on the stand which holds the iPad in place can be taken on and off the stand, therefore with each new iPad release a new “claw” will be produced making it a cost effective upgrade solution (more cost effective than upgrading iPads!)

Take a look at the i360 store pages to see the features for yourself.






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A very happy Christmas from all at

December 23rd, 2011

We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout 2011 and hope that you all have a very festive Christmas.

Hopefully a few of those stockings will be filled with iPad stands for all of those lucky people who own an iPad.

Happy Christmas!


Buy the i360 Stand from Intelligent Touch at

September 27th, 2011

i360 stand Intelligent is the dedicated outlet store for the i360 stand and all associated accessories and peripherals, you’re buying straight from the manufacturer when you buy from

All of the items produced by Intelligent Touch are listed and sold here first, so when shopping at you get the best items at the best price and the best delivery time.



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iPad 2 Stand for Gaming

September 14th, 2011

stand for ipad 2The Intelligent Touch i360 stand always gets great feedback from the gaming community. The array of movement the stand offers is unparalleled in the tablet computer market which provides the ultimate flexibility for every game.

Whether it be platform games, RPG, racing, strategy games or puzzles, the i360 will comfortably hold the iPad 2 whilst you concentrate on winning!

View the i360 store here


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Play Conga’s on the iPad – perfect for use with the i360 Stand

August 4th, 2011

Conga's app for the iPad

Ever fancied playing Conga’s but not wanted the noise? The Conga’s app for the iPad would be perfect for you!

The app has 18 different sounds corresponding to the different “hit” areas on the conga’s. You can also play along to music off your iPad by playing your music and then opening the app.

The i360 iPad Stand is great for use with the conga’s app, the stand makes sure your iPad won’t wobble whilst playing along and will stay 100% secure and stable in the stand. You could even mount the i360 stand on the wall and play the Conga’s, angling the i360 stand to suit your position.

The fun will be endless (or until your ears give out!)


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BBC iPlayer iPad App to be Scaled out Across the World

August 1st, 2011

BBc iPlayer App available in europe

The BBC iPlayer since its launch has been one of the most popular iPad apps in the UK. After much demand across the world for the shows, the BBC has now begun its roll out further than the UK.

The BBC have started with 11 European countries, including Germany, France, and Spain. The app does cost in these countries, with the costs falling in line with other video subscription services. We are sure the range of programmes such as Top Gear and Sherlock will become even more popular on this versatile platform.

The i360 iPad Stand is perfect for use with the BBC iPlayer app. The stand can be positioned anywhere in the home or office and will stay 100% still. Or… if you fancy driving along with the Stig around the Top Gear race track you can move the iPad in the stand like a steering wheel, just for a little bit more excitement!


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