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“The Best iPad Stand”

April 9th, 2013

We have the best iPad Stand – or so we have been told by one of our lovely customers who last week received a delivery of our white i360 iPad Stand.

Our happy customer was looking for a birthday present for his father who struggles with mobility, and after introducing him to the world of Facetime on an iPad so he can keep in touch with family members abroad he wanted to give his father a stand for the iPad so it can remain on charge and powered on so all he has to do is use the stand.

This is where the i360 stand from Intelligent Touch came into play and enabled the iPad to be permanently plugged in, and yet still give the gentleman flexibility to move the iPad if he wanted to or adjust the angle easily without any trouble.

“You have the best iPad stands” was the email we received from our lovely customer, and we’re happy to help families stay in touch, even if we only made a very small contribution.

Take a look at the i360 stand range here.

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iPad Stands from

January 16th, 2012

ipad stands from Intelligent Touch we stock a range of our own designs of iPad stands. Whether it be for the original iPad, the later iPad 2 or the new and upcoming iPad 3 / iPad 2 HD / iPad 2S or whatever Apple call it!

Our own i360 range of iPad stands are jam packed with individual features making the stand completely unique and clearly the best on the market. One of the main features is that we have in-built an upgrade path to allow you to cost effectively upgrade the stand from iPad 1, to iPad 2, to the next generation of iPad by simply replacing the iPad claw!

Our stand isn’t a “one fits all” approach: we want to make sure you get the best security from the best stand, therefore each “claw” is completely dedicated to each model of iPad to make sure the iPad is firmly gripped and held in place, whichever generation of iPad you have.

We also have a separate range of secure, lockable iPad stands and accessories. With the market ever changing and the need for such high value items to be “locked down”, we have designed the i370 Lockdown secure iPad stands. This range of stands holds an iPad securely in place within the i370 stand meaning the iPad can only be removed from the stand with a key.

Take a look at the store pages of the site here.

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Cook along with Jamie Oliver and the i360 Stand

August 11th, 2011

wall mounted ipad standJamie Oliver has this week released an all singing all dancing all cooking app now optimised for the large iPad display. It allows you to read the recipes and cook along with Jamie in his instructional videos.

You can use the i360 iPad stands wall mount to help you cook along with Jamie and follow the videos. The i360 stand is the perfect iPad stand for your kitchen and the black and white colour combinations will fit in with every households décor. No need to worry about your iPad being in all the cooking mayhem, with it safely mounted on the wall it will be out of the way of all your ingredients and cooking utensils.

Take a look at the iPad Stand Store and pick the colour combination that suits you.

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Drive around the Need for Speed Shift 2 Courses with the i360 Stand

August 9th, 2011

need for speed ipad appDid you know that the i360 Stand can be a steering wheel for your iPad? The stands have a full 360° rotation of the screen so you can really steer your iPad around the Need for Speed Shift tracks. The stands are secure and stable so even the most vigorous of racing drivers will struggle to crash this one!

The stand has colour combinations to suit any interior, including our red combo which everyone comments is our “racing” stand, reflecting the colours of the black stallion racing car.

We’re sure you’ll love the i360 stand as a gaming station or an iPad dock, and it will make a great present for every car and gadget fan.

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Skype App for iPad is here – and it hasn’t disappeared yet!

August 9th, 2011

Skype App for iPad is released

The Skype App for iPad was launched last week, only for it to disappear and re-appear again. Skype said that it was to enable them to get the best experience out to the users… translated I think this means that there was something drastically wrong that they needed to fix quickly. Which thankfully they did, and now the true Skype app for iPad is available in the App Store.

This free app allows users to video call with friends and family across the world for free, as long as they are a fellow Skype user. You can also call landlines and mobiles with by using Skype Credit (which cots). The reviews of the App on the Apple App Store are positive, with one stating “move over Facetime, Skype is here”, which is what most users have been thinking for a while.

The iPad 2 is great for skype, using the front camera to speak to others and you can still see them. We like to use the app in conjunction with the i360 iPad Stands, knowing the iPad is safe and secure and family can still see us while we type messages.

How do you rate the Skype App for iPad?


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Watch the Channel 4 news with the iPad and i360 iPad Stand

July 29th, 2011

Channel 4 News App for iPad

News Apps on the iPad are becoming more and more popular, with nearly every newspaper with an App available from the App store. Channel 4 News have recently joined in with an app for their TV News program.

The app has been getting favourable reports among users, who like read not only the news but also the blogs from the presenters. There is also a gallery for iPad users who can look at some of the amazing photography and stills from the channel 4 program.

There is a lot of content to read through here, so the i360 black iPad stand is ideal. It will hold your iPad at the correct angle for you whilst you navigate through the news pages and blogs. You can also catch up with the TV program by streaming the video online, which is great to watch whilst cooking, or simply put the iPad in the i360 stand on the desk.


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Apples Q3 Results exceed predictions – iPadstand Blogs

July 20th, 2011

Apple Q3 2011 results exceed expections

With 20.34 Million iPhones sold in the quarter (142 percent increase over the year ago last quarter), 9.25 Million iPad’s (183 percent unit increase over the year ago last quarter) predicted increased sales have far exceeded the predictions.  The lessor achievers  being Macs showing an increase of 14 percent and the only downturn showed on iPods falling from the previous 9.41 million to 7.54.

Manufacturers of 3rd party Apple accessories have picked a winner.  To be able to effectively live off the back of an organisation such as Apple, who are seeing year on year increased sales in such a poor economic climate, are also reaping the rewards.  Sales for items such as iPad stands, cases,  Apps and headsets have seen a significant growth in revenue.  Thanks to Apple new products, predominately revolving around the iPad and iPad 2, and across the board increased sales have also created out of the ordinary increases and stability for the 3rd party supplier.

What more can Apple do to keep this momentum.  The market is in no doubt that Apple will continue to sustain their growth, with signs of a new MacBook Aire, iPad 3 and of course the incorporation of the Lion sales figures factored into the equation the future looks bright.


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Djay app by Algoriddim great for use with i360 iPad Stand

July 14th, 2011

djay App by Algoriddim for iPad

Using the i360 iPad Stand for Djing wasn’t something we had considered at Intelligent Touch. But we hadn’t considered much djing to be done on the iPad. Oh how wrong were we.

We were introduced to the djay app by James at where he has used the i360 iPad Stand in conjunction with the app and an array of Djing equipment. Here the stand really comes into its own, and from watching James use the stand I can’t imagine another iPad Stand on the market fulfilling the need quite like the i360 does.

The i360 remains very stable on the desk while James taps away at the screen to make the music. And even with some hefty bass vibrating the desk, we’re sure the stand will stay put and keep your iPad secure.

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