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iPad Soars in Education in America

June 27th, 2012

Apple are successfully breaking into the Education Sector in America as this week the San Diego Unified School District have announced they are purchasing approx. 26,000 iPads for use in schools across their district.

As soon as the iBooks app was updated (to iBooks 2), Apple had firmly set their stance in the education sector by adding additional compatibility and features to the app for textbooks, including highlighting specific text areas, interaction with the images in the ebooks etc. This San Diego district have chosen to invest in Apple’s second generation device to bring all of those features to the students in their schools.

The purchase of the iPad 2′s is being funded by a program called “Proposition S”, who are there to bring up to date technology into classrooms. And the $15 million investment from the program will certainly bring up to date technology to these students, and also ever expanding and ever growing technology as Apple continue to develop both the apps and the operating systems on the device. The tablets are currently set to be used by both 5th and 8th grade students, with some high school students also being able to use the iPads.

Apple are of course hopeful of more purchases from this sector, and the CFO of Apple Peter Oppenheimer notes that as America enter the buying season for schools he hopes that more districts and schools will be opting for the iPad for their classrooms.

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iPads used as educational tools in Indian schools

May 12th, 2012

Child Using iPad for EducationMany schools in India are incorporating the iPad into the curriculum to help students learn in a fun and interactive way.

Principal of Delhi Public School Shivakumar has found that getting pupils to use an iPad in their research is helping them to enhance their skills and boost their understanding of core subjects.

He said: “[Interactive] teaching has a greater impact on students who understand the concepts better than those who learn their subjects by rote.” (more…)

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School in America hands out 1,800 iPads to Students

September 22nd, 2011

ipad in schoolsThe next school to follow the iPad era is Zeeland Public School in Michigan, who have reportedly just spent $1.3 million on iPads for every student between the 3rd and 12th grade.

The iPads are for the students and teachers to interact better with the curriculum. The lessons are recorded on the iPad and are therefore available to students who have missed classes. Homework can be submitted via the iPads paperlessly, so no “my dog ate the homework” excuses! Students can also use educational apps selected by the school to aid with studies.

Health benefits have also been talked about in using the iPad in preference to carrying around text books, with the sheer weight of all the books needing to be carried around normally being replaced with the lightweight device.

There are plenty of people who disagree to their money being spent on iPads for students, however the reports we have seen across the globe so far are all positive, hopefully this will spread further.

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Apple America Donate 9,000 iPads to Schools

September 21st, 2011

apple donate ipads to schoolsWhen US users were upgrading iPad 1 to iPad 2 they were offered to donate their used iPad to the “Teach for America” program, which takes graduates from the top universities in America and trains them to teach in the most impoverished and dangerous schools in the country.

The program donated 9,000 iPads, one to each teacher, in 38 states of America. Though it certainly isn’t as many as a lot of schools have had it does start the ball rolling for the teachers and shows commitment to the program and their efforts.

Steve Jobs wife is one of the directors of Teach for America, so there’s the obvious link between the two companies. Still it is nice to see that both Apple the company and their customers are committed to helping other people via the schools and education system.


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Schools Across UK and USA Provide Students with iPads

July 21st, 2011

iPads are being widely used in schools

At the launch of the iPad 2, Steve Jobs showed a video of iPads being used in classrooms in America to help with childrens education. This idea is now spreading across the Atlantic and schools in the UK are offering iPads to their students.

The first school to fully embrace the iPad in the classroom is the Longfield Academy in Kent who are issuing iPads to all the students within the academy to aid their learning. The implementation of the iPads has been well researched and it is clear that young people enjoy learning through technology rather than books. The iPad is well equipped to meet the demand of the classroom and the students and through a variety of tailor-made apps will be great asset to both the pupils and the Academy.

Now all the pupils need is an i360 iPad Stand to support and secure their iPad. The stand makes working on the iPad for any length of time more comfortable, and with the upgradable claw should the pupils upgrade to an iPad 3, the stand will accommodate this too.

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