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iPad 3 and iPhone 5 referenced in latest iOS 5.1 update

November 29th, 2011

The update isn’t available to the masses yet, just iOS 5.1 Beta for developers to allow them to test apps running with the latest update, and for the update to be openly tested in the real world, by a limited audience.

As soon as these updates get released to developers, each part of the programming code is taken apart and scrutinised to try and find any “hints” of upcoming devices. Last week we saw a reference to mysterious J2 and J3 devices, but this time there is a reference to iPad3. The string actually shows an iPad2,3 , an iPad3,2 and an iPad3,3… but no other references to screen resolution or speed capabilities which sometimes show up in developer codes.

Apple fans will be happy to see that there is also a reference to iPhone5,1 within the programming string, which as everyone expected to see the device earlier this year has lead people to believe was it ever coming…. Yes is the answer. But like the iPad3 we don’t know when…

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Apple officially confirm iPhone event for 4th October

September 28th, 2011

iphone 4 or 5 event invitation

But… that is all they have confirmed.

As mysterious as all of the invites sent by Apple, this one is no different. The invitation image comprises of app logo’s, with the calendar showing Tuesday 4th, the clock showing 10 o’clock, the map showing the location, and a phone symbol. The simple text accompanying the invite reads “Let’s talk iPhone.”

This product launch will be remarkably different to the last few, with it being held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino rather than a San Francisco Arts centre, and with Tim Cook in the driving seat rather than Steve Jobs.

Other than that, and what or how many iPhones will be unveiled, remains to be seen. We look forward to 4th October, thanks Apple.

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Apple Store updates iPad 2 shopping for US and UK customers

September 9th, 2011

No new device for the Apple Store closure… Well it was a bit of a stretch of the imagination to expect a new device without any announcement from Apple, surely they want to give Tim Cook a shot at the keynote speech and allow him to take the lead.

Apple have updated the store when you purchase an iPad 2, with the interface and options you are faced with now streamlining the range and making your selection process really easy. Apple have also cleverly disguised the delivery times, with you having to go through 80% of the checkout process before they will give you a delivery date. Good news when you get there (at the moment), as UK shipping times are now down to 3-5 days for the standard devices.

With rumours of a 3G iPod touch and potentially two new iPhones, have Apple revamped the store ready for these product launches?

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Apple Online Store is down, what are they doing????

September 9th, 2011

The last time the Apple Online store was closed they were updating for the iPad 2, and the time previous to this was to launch the iPhone 4. So… in anticipation of a new device what could be next?

iPhone 5?

iPhone 4S?

iPod Upgrades?

We wait in much anticipation….

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Leaked Documents announce iPhone 5 release in October for US

September 5th, 2011

After an Apple employee “lost” an iPhone prototype in a bar in California last week it was clear to everyone that an announcement would be coming soon for the iPhone 5.

Although there is no official announcement yet, leaked documents from a US phone network confirm that they are starting pre sales for the device with an expected October week 1 launch. The copy of the document does however state that “Apple product introduction / Launch dates subject to change”. But for a major network to start issuing memo’s about the launch and preparing staff, it can’t be far away can it?

This time of year Apple are rumoured to make announcements over iPod upgrades, so could it be an iPod / iPhone launch at the same time? There will be no Steve Jobs at the helm of this announcement, all over to Tim Cook to handle the keynote speeches for the new devices.

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Recruitment Program for Apple hints at iPhone 5 UK Release Dates

July 14th, 2011

And yes, it is only a hint. But since that is more than Apple ever give out we’re willing to run with it.

A recruitment company are looking to hire “Apple iPhone Sales Specialists” to work in key Apple retail stores from 16th August to 29th October. All the other tech rumours point towards a September release date for iPhone 5 and this would suggest it’s not far wrong, with the first couple of weeks of the employment period to be geared towards training.

The short term recruitment such as this suggests that Apple will have an increased demand at that time, which leans toward a major product launch. Of course the iPhone specialist could be a complete dummy and it could be a new iPad 2 Plus/HD launch, or both, or no product release at all and this is all a great guessing game.

But we will keep up hope…

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