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Vegas Casino’s Use iPads to Get Guests to Spend More

January 14th, 2013

Reported on Cult Of Mac this week is a story illustrating how using an iPad to take drinks orders from guests has improved business for a Las Vegas Casino.

Of course, casino’s are always packed with gamblers wanting to both drink and gamble and have a good time. But ordering drinks is usually left to ladies strutting about on high heels to and from the bar carrying the drinks orders. Not in this casino.

The Rio, located just off the main Las Vegas strip has been using the iPad to take drinks orders from guests who are gambling at the tables or slot machines. The order is then sent directly from the iPad to the bar, where the bartender makes the drink and it then gets delivered to you by a waitress. Of course, there are three people in the chain to collect the drink this time, but rather than the gambler going to get his/her own drink they stay spending at the tables!

The iPad has always been great for portability and this is yet another example of where the iPad and new technology is helping businesses stay on the move.

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