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iPad Stand Lock

February 26th, 2013

Locks for iPad stands. Definitely needed in today’s society where people don’t always like to pay for what is theirs.

The i370 iPad stand locks allow you to publicly display the iPad and not worry about security as the stand is held with a secure iPad lock.

We have many variations of a locking stand for the iPad, where you can have the ability to either fix the stand to a surface (i.e. table or desktop) or tether the stand to a fixture (i.e. table leg). Each of these options gives you maximum flexibility when using the iPad stand in any environment.

The tethered iPad locking solution allows you to attach the stand via a looped armoured cable to a fixture, either a table leg or other secure fitting and you have the flexibility of being able to move the stand up to 1.8 metres away from the tether point.

For the ultimate in security you can look to the i370 secure base and lock, which once the stand is fixed to a surface (either a table, desk or shelf) will stay as secure as that surface is! So certainly no worrying about whether the iPad will stay safe and secure in the lockable enclosure.

Want more reassurance? Call our sales team on 01952580220 for more information.

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Secure Stands for iPad

November 4th, 2012

Many people are enjoying using an iPad for a display; whether it be to display a product catalogue, for customers to use in your reception area, or for people to read magazines in a waiting room.

The secure stand – the i370 stand from Intelligent Touch  - will keep your iPad safe and secure in a display area if it is unsupervised. The stand can be securely fixed down to a surface and the iPad is then held inside in a metal lockable enclosure which can only be opened by the keyholder. The stand is great for a reception area as the receptionist doesn’t have to worry about the security of the iPad being on display, and at the end of the day he/she can remove the iPad from the stand and place it on charge out of sight overnight.

The lockable iPad stand has also been aesthetically designed so if it being used on a display or combined within a display the sleek black or white stand will seamlessly integrate into the display.

Click here to see the secure ipad stands available in stock and ready to ship.

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iPad Stand Lock

September 8th, 2012

lock ipad stand

Locking iPad Stands; here at Intelligent Touch we get asked for locking iPad Stands all the time. People are so keen on displaying an iPad in a reception area perhaps as a visitors book, or for an exhibition display stand where you want to advertise your website. Both of these circumstances show that security and locking an iPad into a stand or having a lock for an iPad is definitely going to be needed.

These are exactly the reasons why we have developed a range of secure accessories at Intelligent Touch, which act as both an add on to the existing i360 stand and the new i370 stand.

A secure tether or lock can be added onto the existing i360 stand to keep the iPad held into the stand and also tethered to a surface. The tethering system loops through the middle, integral parts of the stand so the iPad and the stand cannot be separated.

Or – the i370 stand is an all encompassing solution for the Apple iPad which has a lock on the iPad stand and holds the iPad into a secure metal enclosure. The iPad is then locked into the metal surround with a very secure lock and key, and therefore the iPad can only be removed by the keyholder. With each lock produced being manufactured as a “key to differ” lock, you know the lock is tough to open!

Take a look at the store pages here and find the iPad stand lock for you.

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Locking iPad Stand for Reception

January 25th, 2012

locking ipad stand for a reception counterWith the vast range of apps available now for the iPad its uses are becoming unrestricted.

Have you ever thought of having an iPad in your reception area as a visitors book for reception? Combining the range of available apps from the app store with the native Apple apps such as the contact book, the apps working in conjunction with each other provide the perfect solution.

Now, the next step, combine the iPad, the apps, and a lockable stand for the full solution. Of course you can’t just leave an iPad 2 in reception hoping your visitors will put it back or leave it in the same place, or even that it won’t go “walking” unattended. The i370 Lockdown stand from Intelligent Touch provides a secure stand for the iPad which locks the iPad 2 into position, making sure it will stay in position.

The stand can be fixed down to a reception counter, and the iPad is held securely in place within the stand. So secure that the only way to get the iPad out of the metal stand is with the key, of which two are supplied with the stand. The keys are all unique to the locks, so no chance of someone being able to have a key to match the lock for your stand.

The i370 Lockdown, a secure solution for displaying the iPad.

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Lockable iPad Stand? The i360 Lockdown is what you are looking for!

August 31st, 2011

We are right on the verge of launching the i360 Lockdown stand for iPad 2 and are getting ready to shout about it!

The i360 Stand was originally designed for use in the high profile events marketplace, of which it is already proving hugely popular. Now we have extended the range with offering the i360 Lockdown, the secure iPad Stand which make sure the iPad stays put within the stand.

When you want to display the iPad stand in an unsupervised environment, the Lockdown iPad Stand will not only hold the iPad securely, it can also be fixed down to a surface so the stand and the iPad will stay secure and not wander off!

If you have a requirement for the Lockdown facility, or would like more information, please call us on +44 1952 580220 .

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