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Apple Announce New iPads – including iPad Mini and iPad 4

October 24th, 2012

Yesterday’s announcement from Apple showed us a whole plethora of new products, mainly including the iPad Mini announcement – which Apple made all the guests and following press wait right until the end of the announcement for.

Apple firstly introduced new iMacs, Macbooks and Mac Mini’s into their updated lines for 2012, with all models due to be released before the end of the year and available in varying different hard drive capacities and different internal Intel chips.

The iPad announcement was what all the invited guests had been waiting for, and they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The iPad Mini has now officially been announced, with a 7.9inch screen the device is easily held in your hand and available in both black and white versions. The display is the same resolution as the current iPad 2 – 1024×768, so all current apps that are optimised for use on the iPad are now optimised for this smaller model (it is the same resolution as the iPad 2).

The updated version of the iPad – the 4th generation model – has been given a new lightning connector and is powered by an A6X chip, making the device faster than the current New iPad (iPad 3/3rd generation model).

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