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Nothing new from Apple Until Fall 2013 or 2014

April 26th, 2013

The quarterly earnings call with Tim Cook earlier this week was a landmark for Apple. The CEO and CFO Peter Oppenheimer both had to bring their companies investors confidence back into Apple after they saw their first year on year profit drop in over a decade. Though the company still made $9.5 billion profit, against a hugely successful 2012 for Apple the share price and profits are taking a tumble.

Obviously to restore confidence in the company, Cook perhaps gave away more than in previous phone calls about Apple’s future plans. Of course he didn’t give away more than he had planned to! The call suggested that there will be no new products from Apple until this fall and 2014 – saying:

“Our teams are hard at work… on some amazing new software, hardware and services we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014″.

What products do we think Cook is referring to? Could this be the iWatch or the long awaited update to the Apple TV? Will the iRadio service be the “service” that Apple are going to launch this fall? I’m certainly sure it is more than a rejigged iPad design or a new, slimmer and lighter phone that we’ve been used to seeing.

What do you think Apple have in the pipeline? What do you think we can expect from the company?

We’re excited too Tim and look forward to Apple’s new products and services to come, even if you are going to make us wait a year or more.

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Apple’s Patent Applications Detail New Wearable Tech

February 21st, 2013

So are they making a smart watch after all?

We know that Apple like to file patents to companies to show their interest in products and their focus that if they own the patent they own the future rights to the technology, stopping the competition until Apple have decided if they want to venture into that area of development. Of course, many of the patent applications that we see being published (some before they are granted) are usually a good time span after they have been originally filed, some times up to a number of years after the original application and the date the papers were presented, so items may already be well in development.

Last week saw many stories circulating the Internet for an Apple iWatch, or Apple Smart watch, hinting that the company are developing wearable technology and integrating a curved screen into a device to be worn around the wrist. Then, earlier this week we were told that Apple aren’t creating such a product and we are all getting excited over nothing. But… now the United States Patent and Trademark Office have shown us details of a patent filed with them back in August 2011 detailing a wearable “slap bracelet” with a full length flexible touch screen display.

Now doesn’t that sound interesting…

Please don’t keep us waiting for this one Apple, Smart Watches are all anyone is talking about at the moment and we love to see Apple lead where others try and follow.

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What to Expect from Apple’s Media Event Today

October 23rd, 2012

Today Apple are holding the media event where we are expecting them to show us “a little more”, as they announced last week… but what exactly are we expecting to see tonight?

The main talk is how Apple will be announcing a new smaller tablet, sized at 7.85 inches, which is said to be called the iPad Mini or iPad Air (iPad Mini being the favoured name among Internet sites). The new smaller tablet is said to be competing with the other smaller sized tablets that have hit the market recently including the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, and the iPad Mini is said to have a smaller price point to be able to compete with these smaller tablets. Of course, whether Apple will say they are entering the tablet market to compete with the smaller, lower priced tablets is different.

The announcement is also said to be centred around education, with the release of iBooks 2 and the more interactive side of textbooks available on each tablet Apple are now creating a smaller, more affordable tablet for students and colleges alike to be able to take advantage of this technology.

Some sites ar expecting to see a 13inch Retina MacBook launched today, to continue the “little more” theme, though this is less likely.

Also expected is the debut of the completely new iTunes 11, which is said to be completely redesigned.

The event will take place at 5pm BST, 10am EST.


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Steve Jobs oversaw the next 4 years of Apple Products before his death

October 10th, 2011

appleEven the stock markets have took a tumble since the death of Steve Jobs. However, investors will now be happy to know that Steve had lined up the next four years of Apple products before his death.

Reported in the Daily Mail this weekend, it said that Steve had been overseeing the development of the current iCloud project, along with updated versions of the iPad, iPod, iPhone and MacBooks. Jobs remained key in the decision making for all Apple products and new releases, making sure the products after his passing are no different.

Though we are dubious about the future of Apple, thankfully we now know the next four years are safe.

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