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iPad Owners Love Using their Tablet for Emails

July 4th, 2012

In a report released this week from the research firm Gartner, people are picking up their tablet devices to check email. Not a ground breaking report I can hear you say, but the rest of the report and research is very interesting.

Gartner surveyed consumers from the UK, US and Australia about their iPad use, questioning when, why and how each person used the tablet. The results for each individual were recorded in a diary-style format for Gartner to analyse and publish the findings.

The interesting part of the survey is that following checking emails, the iPad’s next most popular use is to replace paper. More than half of iPad users are using their devices to replace tasks that were previously paper-based i.e. reading newspapers, magazines and books are now done with eBooks and eMagazines and no longer are the physical printed copy preferred. Is this because readers can now have an array of magazines and papers on one device, rather than carrying multiple magazines and books?

iPad owners also use a PC less and less, with an average drop of 20% over a weekend. This trend would indicate that the flexibility of using the iPad in different surroundings and not being confined to a PC desk allows the iPad users to be more relaxed and adaptable over a weekend, away from the work environment. iPads are also mostly used in the living room, which would emphasise the idea of multitasking with the iPad and watching TV whilst surfing the internet (or checking emails!), this is closely followed by the bedroom and then the kitchen.

And one last piece of information from the report; it also appears that iPad owners are selfish, with 45% of users not sharing their device with anyone else in the household! Are you a selfish iPad user?

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