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Samsung Hasn’t Infringed iPad Patents – or at least they haven’t in the Netherlands

January 17th, 2013

This court case is ongoing across the globe and is strangely seeing different results in different countries, all mounting to people’s interpretation of the patents themselves.

The Netherlands court in The Hague have found that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and 7.7 have not infringed patents held by Apple which relate to the “round corners” design of the tablets.

The court has ruled that Apple does not have the hold over a rectangular shape with rounded corners and are not the only people who can produce tablets of this shape. They have found many earlier references to these design features in numerous examples before the launch of the iPad.

The UK court also ruled this way in October last year, deciding that Samsung had not infringed on Apple’s patents for the rounded rectangle and the company were forced to publish a public apology to Samsung for any bad feeling they may have received whilst the two companies were involved in the dispute.

In other countries this battle is getting messier and messier with the two companies constantly fighting their patents. When will it end? We’d like to know. Answers on a postcard please.

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Apple File to Ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 In the US

May 23rd, 2012

Just when we think the legal battles between Apple and Samsung are quietening down Apple decide to heat up the war… again.

Apple’s latest battle is going to cause problems for the 10.1 tablet manufacturer; they want a US wide sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Again, the cause for the sales ban is because Samsung are accused of “copying” the design features of the Apple iPad and putting each one into their tablet design. It has also been previously agreed that the design of the Galaxy Tab does infringe some of Apple’s patents, so it is quite likely that the ban will come into force.

Apple have given Samsung 4 days to respond to the injunction, with the two companies CEO’s due to meet yesterday to “talk” about the companies.

Samsung are part of the supply chain for the Apple iPad and a key part too, would this sales ban bring the other divisions of the company into unrest? Apple have been successful in getting sales bans against the tablet in other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, but a ban in America will see Samsung severely hurt.

This is all due to be decided by the end of the week.

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Are Samsung beating Apple to a “Retina” Display Tablet?

December 12th, 2011

After the battle for sales between Samsung and Apple, of which Apple have certainly come out on top, could Samsung beat Apple to market with a new tablet with a retina quality display?

A report produced last week reveals that Samsung are working hard to produce an 11.6inch tablet – slightly larger than the current Galaxy Tab 10.1 – with a screen resolution of 2560×1600 (16:10). The larger display is produced without increasing the tablet size by reducing the size of the bezel around the screen of the tablet. The 2560×1600 resolution is actually higher than the potential retina display of a new iPad – measuring up at 2048×1536 pixels in comparison.

We heard reports earlier this year that Apple had turned to Samsung to create the retina screens for their upcoming iPads – did Samsung create their own first? And have they already overcome all the challenges that Apple are potentially facing with battery life, thinness of the device, dual LED bars etc?

The new Samsung tablet is said to be arriving in February, slightly earlier than the standard timetable for the new iPad release.

Will we see either tablet early next year?

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Apple lose sales ban against Samsung in Australia

December 9th, 2011

Apple’s appeal against the Federal Court in Australia has been overturned, ruling that from today the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can go on sale in the country. After trying to sell the device over in Australia for a matter of months now, this surely must be welcome news to Samsung who have seen resistance from Apple in nearly every country.

Once Apple had launched their appeal against the initial drop of the ban last week, Samsung chief execs had again stated that more and more hold ups for their device may mean that they stopped their plans to take the tablet to those countries all together. This news will be a great relief to Samsung, who in starting presales for the device today will hopefully be able to still pick up on some Christmas sales. With tablets expected to hit the shelves late next week they will be in time for the last week of pre-Christmas sales, and the all-important January sales period, should the devices be discounted slightly?

How will this decision fair against all other countries where Apple and Samsung are fighting? It remains to be seen. Each argument in each country is for slightly different reasons and slightly different ruling accompanying each court case. However this ruling may have an impact on other sales bans currently in place.

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Samsung Release “updated” Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany

November 17th, 2011

And no, the old device is not out dated! The Original Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned from sale in Germany at the present time whilst Apple pursue the patent infringement case against Samsung and their tablet.

In the meantime, along with the other countries the 10.1 tablet is banned from, Samsung are suffering and losing market share. The company clearly had to do something about it, so they are releasing a modified 10.1 N version of the Galaxy Tab in the hope that the small changes made to the device are enough to pass the patent infringement court case and actually make it to market.

I’m not sure that the small aesthetic changes to the device are enough to pull the wool over the eyes of the Apple lawyers, but you can’t blame Samsung for trying.

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Apple Get Preliminary Ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

October 13th, 2011

The first decision in the on going court battle between Samsung and Apple has been given today in Australia. Apple are accusing Samsung of violating two of their patents relating to touchscreen and multi-touch functionality, and because of this the judge has given a preliminary ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country.

Samsung told the court last week that if the sales ban was granted they would give up on releasing the Galaxy Tab in Australia as this would mean the company miss the Christmas season and once the final decision had come to court they say the device would be “dead” by then.

Samsung tried to reach a compromise with Apple last month but to no avail.

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Galaxy Tab vs iPad – Samsung were given the opportunity “to put things right”

September 30th, 2011

steve jobs called samsung

By none other than Steve Jobs himself, who was CEO of Apple at the time.

When the initial patent rows between Apple and Samsung began, Steve Jobs is reported to have called the executives at Samsung and given them an opportunity to put things right before all the court battles got nasty.

Apple are said to be one of Samsung’s largest customers, buying in the region of $7.8 billion in parts from the tech giant, including chips, memory and most recently reports have arose of screens coming from Samsung too. Since the court battles have begun to get nasty, Apple have turned to other manufacturers so they are less reliant on Samsung for the supply of parts to their devices.

We will soon see who the courts think are right, as law suit vs counter law suit are coming to an end, for the time being at least.

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Apple win yet another legal battle with Samsung, this time against the Galaxy Phones

August 25th, 2011

apple iphone vs galaxy phoneApple seem to keep hitting Samsung where it hurts, this time they are halting sales of Galaxy Phones from a specified date.

Apple won the preliminary injunction against Samsung in a Dutch court on Wednesday. This will pause sales of the phone in the Netherlands, but could potentially affect sales across the whole of the EU as the distribution of the phones originates from the Netherlands. The court order will stop the sales of the phones around mid-October, which coincidentally clashes with the potential launch dates for the iPhone 5.

The changes Samsung need to make to enable the device to go back on sale aren’t as major as they could have been, involving changes to the image gallery software of the Galaxy Phone, but it is still a set back for the company who just seem to keep getting knocked down time and time again.

Do you think Apple are fair to keep continuing the patent war?

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Apple now Turn to Samsung for Production of iPad 2 Screens

August 10th, 2011

Practically the same day that Apple have made sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab halt across Europe, they now turn to their fellow competitive tablet computer maker for them to make screens for the iPad 2.

According to DigiTimes, Apple have stopped current orders for the screens with LG as they have been unable to meet quality checks and the production quantity requested by Apple. Due to demand for the iPad 2, Apple asked LG to increase their production from 3 million to 4 million units per month. LG weren’t able to keep up and in July fell 1 million units short of their order. Hence the need for Apple to turn to an alternative supplier to make sure they can meet the demand for the tablet.

However, after Apple have made sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab stop in Europe because of complications and arguments over pantents surrounding tablet devices, how obliging do you think Samsung will be to fulfil Apple’s order?


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Have Apple Halted Sales of the Galaxy Tab in the EU?

August 10th, 2011

Apple have stopped sales of the Galaxy Tab in the EU

We believe the have according to the latest reports from the German News Agency DPA. Apple have been granted a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab which means they now have to cease sales in all countries except the Netherlands. Samsung lost a similar case against Apple in Australia earlier this month which has stopped sales of the Galaxy Tab there.

The court battle is fighting the design registered and protected by Apple, which is basically the definition of a “tablet” device. Apple think Samsung have copied this, and have got the court to believe them and stop sales of the Galaxy Tabs.

Did Apple See Samsung as their biggest competition and went after them first? And off the back of this win do you think Apple will go after any other tablet manufacturers to cease sales of their devices?


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