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Rotating Stand for iPads

October 27th, 2012

If you want a stand for an iPad then having a stand that also rotates is a great add on flexibility for anyone. The rotating aspect of the i360 stand works in two different aspects, allowing you to rotate the screen of the iPad from portrait to landscape and to change the viewing direction of the stand.

The first rotational aspect is the screen, where by you can continuously rotate the screen of the tablet from landscape, through to portrait and back again making switching the iPad between portrait and landscape mode simple and easy. This movement also activates the internal gyroscope on the iPad which will assist if you are playing a driving game or a racing game where you can use the iPad as a steering wheel and drive your way around the course!

The second feature of the iPad allows the stand to rotate and change viewing direction, so you can have the screen of the iPad aligned with the long or short side of the base. More than that though, if you wish to have the base of the stand fixed to a surface you can and still adjust the viewing angle and direction using the rotational functions in the base of the stand.

The demonstration video’s here show you the full facilities and features offered by the stand.

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