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Tim Cook No Longer Highest Rated CEO

March 16th, 2013

Tim Cook was awarded the highest rated CEO title according to a report produced by employee ratings on Glassdoor, but he has been knocked off his top spot for 2013 by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Cook received the accolade in 2012 with a 97% approval rating, but the 93% he has received in 2013 has seen him drop from the top spot down to position 18. Zuckerberg’s rating has jumped to see him hold the top spot with a huge 99% approval rating.

Steve Jobs the previous CEO of Apple Inc. only received ratings of 95% from employees and so was hugely taken over by Tim Cook last year. Suggestions have indicated that perhaps Cook’s “honeymoon period” at Apple is now over, though he has introduced some great schemes for employees since he has been at the company including greater product discounts for staff and charitable contribution matching which are bound to have made him more popular with employees of the company.

This therefore leads that the dropping in ranking may not have been necessarily because of Cook’s downfalls, but more to other companies and other CEO’s exponentially increasing their ranking and position.


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Steve Jobs Film “jOBS” to be Released April 2013

January 6th, 2013

We’ve heard for a while that there will be a film made to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs and give people an insight into the very complex mind and life of the man himself. Well Aston Kutcher has been the man picked to star as the lead role in the bio-pic film and it is going to be released worldwide in April 2013.

The film will get a preview to a select audience at the Sundance Film Festival which is held in Utah between Jan 17th and Jan 27th. the jOBS film will be premiered on the 25th at Eccles Theatre in Park City, and shown again the following day. The film will then be shown at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Centre in Salt Lake City in the 27th, the closing day of the festival.

The film has been directed by Joshua Michael Stern with the jOBS film gaining a lot of interest worldwide from Apple fans and blogs. I’m sure the film will grow a large crowd of Apple fans who want to be the first in line to see the film.

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Microsoft Provided the Inspiration for the iPad

October 26th, 2011

Now that’s a law suit Samsung would like to be on the right side of! But no law suit here. It is a revelation from Steve Jobs’ biography that is now on sale and topping book charts worldwide.

The story tells of how Steve Jobs was at dinner with a Microsoft employee who was boasting about how their tablet is going to change the world and the operating system they have for it will make all notebook computers obsolete. Funny how the Windows based tablet still hasn’t appeared in the market place?

After going home from said meal, Steve Jobs gathered his team the next day and told them that they were all going to make a tablet. After selling 38.9 million tablets since, and Microsoft yet to release theirs, I think Apple have won, and Steve certainly showed that employee how to create a tablet.

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Apple Stocks Slipping

October 6th, 2011

steve jobs iphone 4Since the launch of iPhone 4S Apple stocks have been slipping. Many investors and customers were expecting the launch of a new device, not an upgraded existing model.

Apple shares had been seeing an uphill trend as the rumours of a new device and launch dates were circulating, and when the announcement was made the shares took a 4% tumble downwards.

Since the news of Steve Jobs passing away shares in Apple are still on a downward slope. Many saw Steve as the leader of Apple and even though he had stepped down from CEO of the company earlier this year, his place as Chairman of the Board meant he was still heavily involved.

Now with his passing the empire he built needs to stand on its own feet. I’m sure the team Steve had built around him have all the knowledge and experience to take the company forward and continue to make the tech giant a company we will all continue to love.

Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. Nor would he want to be. The loss of Steve Jobs will leave a hole in Apple that no one can fill.

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RIP Steve Jobs – Tributes are flooding in all around the world

October 6th, 2011

steve jobsA sad day, to wake up in the middle of the night to the news that one of our idols has passed away. Steve was notably absent from the iPhone 4S keynote speech, many hoping and praying that it wasn’t due to his deteriorating health, but us all thinking in the back of our minds that things were taking a downturn.

Fitting tributes are coming in from all around the world in different places.

Steve will undoubtedly be missed by a lot of people.



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Galaxy Tab vs iPad – Samsung were given the opportunity “to put things right”

September 30th, 2011

steve jobs called samsung

By none other than Steve Jobs himself, who was CEO of Apple at the time.

When the initial patent rows between Apple and Samsung began, Steve Jobs is reported to have called the executives at Samsung and given them an opportunity to put things right before all the court battles got nasty.

Apple are said to be one of Samsung’s largest customers, buying in the region of $7.8 billion in parts from the tech giant, including chips, memory and most recently reports have arose of screens coming from Samsung too. Since the court battles have begun to get nasty, Apple have turned to other manufacturers so they are less reliant on Samsung for the supply of parts to their devices.

We will soon see who the courts think are right, as law suit vs counter law suit are coming to an end, for the time being at least.

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Apple Stocks Recover since Steve Jobs Stepped Down

September 20th, 2011

Apple stocks returning back to highsI think all investors in Apple were on tender-hooks the day Steve Jobs announced his resignation. But now it looks like the stocks are recovering and coming back to their all-time peak.

Investors know that Steve Jobs hasn’t been at the operating helm of the company for a while and since his medical leave of absence in 2009, Tim Cook has already been the interim CEO for the tech-giant. Steve has always been an integral part of the product launches and it is evident his fingerprints are on every Apple product launched, and even since his resignation I don’t expect this to change too much.

It is nice to see the stocks returning to their peak (or near peak), which reflects the investors and the market’s confidence in Tim Cook as CEO of the company.

Surely with the impending launch of iPhone 5 stocks are only going to go one way now?

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Who is Tim Cook?

August 26th, 2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook with Steve JobsThis is the question on a lot of people’s lips over the last few days. The icon Steve Jobs has stepped down, and Tim Cook is now set as his replacement. What a lot of people don’t know is that since Steve Jobs has been taking extended medical leave, Tim has been at the helm of Apple for the past year.

Tim Cook started off at IBM, with his dedication to the company and the business meaning Tim often worked over the Christmas and New year holidays to meet orders. After moving through more computer companies he was poached by Steve Jobs in 1998 and became Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations.

The Apple supply chain is now remarkably different to 10-15 years ago, and that largly thanks to Tim. The company now “partners” major manufacturers rather than keeping the manufacturing in house, and heavy investment into the manufacturers keeps them loyal. Apple create revolutionary products, and because the manufacturing chain and suppliers are effectively “locked” into Apple no competitor can create or copy the technology (many try, none succeed quite like Apple do).

We know Apple will be safe with Tim Cook, and with Steve Jobs DNA still at the heart of the company we are sure they can still succeed. And after the initial drop in the stock market, it looks like they believe Tim can succeed too with the shares now starting to recover.

Now Tim will be at the helm of Apple for the launch of the new devices, so we are looking forward to seeing Tim launch the iPhone 5 this year, and the iPad 3 next year.

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The Day Has Come… Steve Has Resigned.

August 25th, 2011

Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of AppleThankfully he is still staying at Apple and moving to Chairman of the Board. But Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO of Apple.

I’m sure every Apple fan is saddened at the news. But, in being an Apple fan I am also a fan of Steve Jobs, and his work, and the revolutionary designs that he has helped Apple create. We know that Steve’s fingerprints are on every Apple product that is on the market today. He built the company back up from its near ruin piece by piece and has seen it become the most valuable company in the world. What a fitting note to end your reign on.

Tim Cook who was the COO of Apple will now become CEO. It is understood that he has been the acting CEO of Apple for some time whilst Steve has been on sick leave. If Steve thinks he can do the job, we must believe in him too. Unfortunately the stock markets don’t believe so and Apple stocks have seen a considerable overnight drop, lets hope that they come back up soon with the release of a new device…

There are many fitting tributes to Steve in the Apple Forums, some commenting and hoping that his ill health has not forced him to make this decision. If it has, lets hope that the potentially less demanding role will give Steve the much needed rest and relaxation to get better.

He will be missed.

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